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right to move

Photos from Right to Move/La Voie Libre - where our friend James volunteers and where they believe that "bicycles are a form of transportation that should be available to all, regardless of gender, age, wealth or ethnicity".  After thinking about this beauty all winter, I decided that it was ridiculous to spend so much on a bicyclette and found a vintage red cruiser on craigslist. I visited James one evening and he taught me how to true my bicycle wheel and how to change the brake pads and cables.  If you're in Montreal and have a bike that needs a tune up and don't know how to do it, you can check out their schedule and drop by. There's still a lot of work to be done on mine but it gets me from point A to point B for now and we also have our tandem for more leisurely rides. I was hoping to get the bike shiny and new-looking before the summer was through, but the way things I'm shaping up, I'm not sure I'll have the time. Cross your fingers for me. - Mina

la voie libre
brake cables
james at right to move / la voie libre



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  1. What a great idea..I have a cruiser on my wish list!

  2. My husband just inherited a J C Higgins bike that used to be his father's when he was a kid. He's contemplating doing the same thing with his....if he ever gets the time. :-) Yours looks great now!

  3. So cool. We just took our bikes for fixes/tune ups the other week and I was so surprised at how (relatively) simple it looked. Would be good to learn something so practical instead of always having to run to someone else for help... Looks like you had fun!

  4. i've been looking for a bike on craigslist for what feels like FOREVER. wish I had your luck, a red cruiser would be so cute!

  5. Are "cruisers" those bikes that don't have different "speeds"?

    If yes, I think I need to get me one of those. Every bicycle problem I've ever had has related to gears/shifting/etc. I usually don't even change speeds at all, but the fact that different speeds even exist seems to always mess up the bike.

    Current bike changes speeds randomly while riding with hideous KA-CHUNK! noise. Ugh.

    Also, are we talking about James James or do you guys know some other James out there?

  6. Space Astronomy -

    I'm surprised you didn't recognize those "fat thumbs". I know you've watched the GA documentary in the last 24 hours.

  7. David27.8.11

    Great pictures!

  8. you look so adorable!!! I love the messy fingers! I have a used bike too. It's a Chimo? made in Japan with parts from Switzerland? It says so on my bike.

  9. love the photo of the green bike!
    have a good week~

  10. oh I love bikes, stuck with catching public transport for now haha.

    re: I would change right away about visiting casablanca! locals who have been and my friends who went all say it really isn't worth it unless you are visiting other friends, some went and actually returned the next day! Casablanca is huge, industrial, not as laid back, and the only thing worth the trip would be the Hassan II mosque. I would go to another city like Fez or Tangier. But that's just me... Marrakech is beautiful, definitely stay in the medina/old town!


  11. Love your photos! Sacramento, CA isn't the most condusive environment for bike riding. But with the cooler weather coming, I may have to take my bike out of the garage, get a tune-up and utilize this mode of transportation. Thanks!

  12. This is such an incredible idea. I like people that have a belief and are chasing it - My bf and I actually just bought bikes and are loving riding them around the river and here and there on weekends.

    Anna xo

  13. I've just discovered your blog!! It's really amazing. I'm glad to follow yoy and share my experience...keep in touch!

  14. Very nice, thanks for sharing.