dallas bbq


After running around The McKittrick Hotel for a few hours, we stumbled into the first restaurant that we saw. Dallas BBQ was packed with people. It was lively, loud, and the servers were so friendly.

I asked our waiter what an "onion loaf" was and he informed me that it was basically a plate of onion rings. I ordered the "small" portion, aptly titled the lil' onion loaf. Generally speaking, New York City doesn't fall into the big portion size stereotype that many other cities in the US adhere to, so I really wasn't expecting a massive pile of fried onions - not so lil' after all. 

I swear that we looked for a restaurant that serves healthy food... but everything else in the area was closed. I thought New York was supposed to be the city that never sleeps?

sorry about all the crappy instagram photos lately. 
we'll give it a rest after the ny posts. 

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  1. More interesting to me was that you have a "DALLAS" BBQ place in New York! ^_^

  2. holy wow, that is a lot of onion lol. I probably would eat terribly if I visited NY hehe, its all part of the experience right :)

  3. I love the new layout! (if it's not new, forgive me for not noticing sooner)
    This looks delicious even if my cholesterol would think otherwise.

  4. Holy smokes! That is a huge loaf of onions...yummy!

  5. that is a massive loaf!! i bet the ones on the edges were real tasty :)

  6. Oh my gosh, that just made my stomach growl! I would love some BBQ right about now - it's not nearly the same in Africa!

  7. ahhhh seeing posts about new york makes me so happy! i'm going in september for the first time and i am beyond thrilled about it!

  8. hahahaha i love that you went to dallas bbq! that lil' onion loaf looks so good :)