sunset drives


driving home

We always have lofty plans of leaving early so that we can get home before the sun sets but I don't think we've ever adhered any of our schedules (no matter how many spreadsheets we make). If we've learned anything at all from our travels, it's that having expectations almost always leads to disappointment. Trips are definitely more fun if you give into spontaneity. 

I've been thinking about how much I'd like to see more of California. I added places to my Oregon list in hopes spending some time there. Utah is a little further away, but it looks stunning and I want experience it in person. Have you ever gone on a road trip anywhere near SF? We'll likely be taking it easy for the rest of the year while settling into our new house but I'm always daydreaming about where to go next...

driving home


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  1. Yeah, I could live with daily sunsets like that! ^_^ And I love a road trip! I think it's more about who I'm doing it with, than where we're actually going, though! :-)

  2. I live in Grass Valley/Nevada City. It's only a 2 /12 hour drive from SF. It's a good day trip from the city! Also only another hour to Tahoe! Come on up! =)

  3. I have but it was a long time ago, I remember it like I remember a dream or a fantasy.


  4. Wow, these pics really make me miss California and living there!!

  5. I love these sunset photos.

  6. come to Utah! there is so much to see here.

    xo. m.