Timothy Q Mouse
The rest of our photos from a 15 hour day at Disneyland.  

We really squeezed every last moment out of that day pass. Alex did an amazing job at planning and we only waited in 2 lines the entire day. It truly feels like the happiest place on Earth and I kinda want to live there.

Is it weird for a childless couple to make annual trips to Disneyland? Apparently, Ryan Gosling often goes there alone and says "I have a love/hate relationship with Disneyland but what’s so interesting to me is that the attention to detail there never gets old. There’s always something new to find, something they’ve thought of. And there is always the idea of somebody who had a dream and made it so real you can walk around in it."

dumbo ride
it's a small world
sleeping beauty's castle
toon town crowd
Toon Town

toon town
astro orbiter rocket ride
Alex didn't fit in this ride so I went on it alone.

astro orbiter rocket ride

fanatic disney pin collector
This guy really loves Ariel

tarzan's jungle
tarzan's jungle
tarzan's jungle
Tarzan's Jungle

mickey's house
Mickey's House

minnie's house
Minnie's House

meeting minnie mouse and gofy car
steamboat willie
meeting mickey mouse disneyland california
I didn't want to pay for this photo. The low res. file, cheesy smiles, and flash make us look like wax statues. We met a person in a Mickey Mouse costume! Yeah! 

it's a small world ride
It's a small world ride

merry go round and sleeping beauty castle
alice in wonderland tea cup ride

alice in wonderland tea cup ride
alice in wonderland tea cup ride
disneyland monorail
riding the monorail back to downtown disney

sleeping beauty's castle
We witnessed a guy propose to his lady moments before this photo was taken. There was a collective gasp/cheer from the audience.

sleeping beauty's castle

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  1. Stacy25.3.14


  2. Anonymous25.3.14

    This looks like so much fun!!

  3. These photos are so lovely!


  4. I don't have kids either, but I would love to go to Disneyland! It's always been a dream of mine!
    Your pictures are always so beautiful!

  5. I have never been to Disneyland but I go to Disneyworld every year - it really is the most magical place ever. Love these photos.

  6. Magic! I've been to the Florida one, but I really want to go to California too. Gorgeous pictures!

  7. It really is a magical place! And only waiting in TWO lines? You are pros!

  8. You only waited in 2 lines?! I need to know the plan Alex came up with! haha

  9. Briel - I don't know about pros but I was definitely impressed with his ingenuity. It helped that it was a really long day and it was just the two of us.

    I'm not sure this would work with kids: we got there early because you can enter the park an hour before people who aren't staying in a Disney hotel. We were slow leaving though, so we didn't really take advantage of that, but things still worked out. We got fast passes for all of the most popular rides and went on them first. Lines that are normally 2 hours+ ended up being less than 10 minutes. For the less popular rides, there was literally no line for people with fast passes and we got in immediately while others were waiting for an hour!

    We tried to do things against the crowds like eating at different times or going to parts of the park where people weren't congregating (after the parade/shows etc...) There was no line of the teacup ride or the merry go round at night.

    By the way, fast passes are free!