dc recommendations


ENID A. HAUPT GARDEN | We sat in this garden a few times while visiting the Smithsonian. It's a beautiful place to rest your feet after hours of walking through museums. 

HELLO CUPCAKE | I went in to ask about parking and the guy working there was so friendly that I felt bad about leaving without buying anything. He suggested the Samoa and I got one to go. A+

THE WHITE HOUSE | The tours were cancelled shortly before we arrived. All you can do now is be kind of pathetic and stand at the gate which is really far away from the actual White House. I still wanted to see it in person though, so we got a glimpse, took a photo of it, and left. There were lots of people posing with the fence.

SMITHSONIAN | Another pretty obvious recommendation, but worth mentioning. There's something here for everyone and you could easily spend the entire day (or even two) visiting several of the 19 museums within the complex. We went on a rainy day so that we didn't feel bad about not being outdoors. It was perfect.

PITANGO | Arguably overpriced but really good gelato. I'm still deciding if I liked the Pistachio flavour.

MATCHBOX |  Alex got their spicy meatball pizza and I tried shrimp and grits for the first time. The service was great, too.

DUPONT CIRCLE FARMER'S MARKET | There were a variety of apples, cheeses, and honey to be sampled and plenty of fresh produce. Someday I'll be the type of person who gets up, goes to the market, and cooks my meals with only the finest of organic ingredients. Until then, expect more updates about cupcakes and pizza.

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  1. Alex and Mina - Your grey shades are excellent!

  2. Anonymous27.5.13

    Love these recommendations. I've always wanted to try Pitango!

  3. Thanks for all the recommendations. I've never been to D.C., actually, though my fiance has. He encourages me to, and would like to take me someday. Visiting the farmer's market definitely sounds like something we would do ... but some cupcakes and pizza would definitely make the list as well. :)

  4. My best friend's "studying abroad" in DC next fall, so I'll have to pay a visit & take her to all of these places... gorgeous pictures & lovely recommendations as per usual!

  5. A beautiful pink!