paul mccartney in montreal


Paul McCartney played two shows in Montreal this week. I know he's an old man now and even John Lennon said that he didn't like "Paul's granny shit", but singing along to the 'na na naaaah's' in Hey Jude along with the guy who wrote it and about 17,000 other people is something I'll never forget. We had the best time and I'm still in disbelief that, at nearly 70, Paul McCartney is running around on stage with just as much enthusiasm and energy as he did in some of the old Beatles videos. Since I went to both concerts, I was able to be really present for the first one and so I took several photos at the second, and even a little video or two to be able to remember the night. These are just a few of the pictures from that evening and some photos of fans that we spoke to outside the venue.

- Mina 

A fan drawing. Paul pulled her up on stage and signed this for her.

A woman shows off her tickets to see The Beatles at The Maple Leaf Gardens in 1966. The price was $5.50! 

This arm belongs to a girl who was pulled up on stage last year and made the autograph permanent.
Ridiculously excited before the show. 

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  1. this is too cool! Great pictures too!!

  2. Mina, THANK YOU so much for sharing the wonderful photos and video with us. Hubby is so sad that he didn't feel good enough to go and see him!!!! :-( It's so nice to be able to see your accounting of it though. It almost...I said ALMOST!...makes us feel like we were there. Is it okay for us to copy photos?! I won't do it without your permission. Please let me know. Thank you again for sharing the experience with us!!!!!!

  3. paul puts on the best shows. we got a chance to see him 3 years ago at the free concert he put on in quebec city for their 400th birthday. UNREAL.

  4. Christelle30.7.11

    Hi! I'm the ''drawing girl''
    Could you please send me your picture in HQ ?
    Do you have any other pictures of me, on the stage etc? I would love to see them..

    Thanks a lot!!

    Christelle Bilodeau

  5. He's such a legend. Looks like a great show. Nice to see you guys settling into MTL xo

  6. Amazing. That sounds like such a wonderful, once in a lifetime kind of experience. And I love the photo of the woman's 1960s ticket -- that's a real timepiece, the ticket AND your photo!

  7. Amazing! I am so jealous!!! Looks like you guys had an amazing time!

  8. That video gave me chills. You are so very lucky that you got to see him!!

  9. chills, chills and more chills. i have NEVER wanted a tattoo but i think if he signed my arms i'd make it permanent as well.

  10. That must have been absolutely incredible - and I'm completely head-over-heels in love with that girl's tattoo! Such a cool idea

  11. amazing! what a fun time, you look so pretty / happy! :)

  12. I saw him a few years back and still one of the best concerts I've ever been to.

  13. Yes! This just made me so happy. Seeing Paul is such a magical experience, and reminded me of the time I went as well. Woo. Long live McCartney!


  14. you guys seem pretty good at making memories that you'll never want to forget. :)

  15. Anonymous11.8.11

    I met you just under the bridge on De la Montagne street and you had an amazing picture of Paul coming in the Bell Center...Is it possible for you to share it with me at or to post it on your blog???
    I would love to see it again :)

    Many thanks!
    Annie...who went on stage with her mother on the 26th of july to be signed by McCartney ;-)

  16. my fave beatle. <3