Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, the Guggenheim Museum in New York City is as much a work of art as the exhibitions contained within it. The cylindrical building sits apart from the surrounding conventional cityscape of Fifth Avenue. The architecture of the building is internationally reputed, but it wasn't the only reason we anticipated visiting it. The Guggenheim has amazing contemporary art, and after going to several, well, 'stuffy' museums it was refreshing to visit one whose collection has been described as a constant "work in progress".

Making our way down the spiralling interior, we came across an interesting display featuring photos of realistic scenes recreated with dolls. It turned out the artist, Sarah Anne Johnson, happens to be from our home town of Winnipeg.

Mina was excited to see a painting from Francesco Clemente in person, as he has been one of her favourite artists since Jr. High. We also recognized some pieces from, French artist, Annette Messager. We were first introduced to her work at a special exhibit at the Mori Art Museum during our trip to Tokyo, and found her installations to be odd yet intriguing.

I'll stop talking about various artists, since you'd be better off just making a trip to the museum if you're in the NYC area. -Alex

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  1. Such an awesome museum!!! That 1st shot is GREAT!

  2. Yes, I Love the guggenheim museum. It really is a work of art, great design and fun to photograph.

  3. I love the style and photographs on your blog! I admire that you both were willing to leave your lives at home behind and step out in faith!
    (Just found you through bloglovin'). Keep it up both of you, have fun.


  4. i'm way jealous of all your travels!!

    p.s. have a little surprise on my blog today for all the blogs i have ever "wiggled"-- of course that includes you! xo

  5. Have you by chance seen that terrible Kristen Bell rom-com When in Rome? She's the curator of the Guggenheim, and that first picture looks just like a shot from one of the scenes!

  6. guggenheim is awesome! I wish I could go there and walk around :)

  7. This looks like a museum I would fall in love with. I've got to visit!

  8. just added to my never-ending list of places to visit. :)

  9. Anonymous4.12.10

    А! Grazie per questo post meraviglioso. Ammirando il tempo e l'impegno che mettete nel vostro blog e dettagliate informazioni vi offrono.

  10. Anonymous30.1.11

    Very good stuff..