musée magritte


Magritte's work is pretty renowned. We both really like 'The Treachery of Images', which we were fortunate enough to see at the LACMA (we snapped a blurry photo, but you can see proper images of it with a simple google search).

While his really famous pieces are in other museums around the world, the museum displays a couple of the "hits" in addition to some lesser known pieces which gave us insight into his entire body of artwork.

After visiting several schlocky "museums" in Cairo, it was refreshing to visit a gallery that appreciated the art enough to showcase it properly. Despite the fact that the exhibits weren't in English, they were very engaging. There was no photography allowed in the museum, so all of these images were taken in the lobby.

Even if you're not a fan of René Magritte, if you're in the area, it's definitely worth checking out. Also, the gift store was similar to that of the large museum stores you'd find in NYC or LA - sometimes the shops are just as fun to visit as the museum itself.

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  1. Cool stuff. Would love to visit that museum!

  2. wow, these are gorgeous! and yes, i agree with how fun museum shops are! :)

    i love that you got to see some "lesser known hits" in fact, because they can be that much more special

  3. Anonymous22.7.10

    Are you talking about the Magritte Museum at the Hotel Altenloh or his actual house? They both are worth the visit :)

  4. Third picture: is that supposed to be FANTOMAS?

  5. re: my previous comment...I just looked it up. It is Fantomas. Very cool. Fantomas is awesome.

  6. I have the same body as that trout woman!

  7. I have the same body as that trout woman!

  8. Anonymous - No, this wasn't the one in a hotel. I wish we had gone to the other one too!

    rachel - I think the politically correct term is reverse mermaid.

  9. Anonymous25.7.10

    love the strangeness!