As if the waffle itself isn't bad enough for you, adding chocolate, whipped cream, syrupy strawberries, and powdered sugar is enough to give anyone instant diabetes. Brussels actually smelled like waffles. Yes, the city of Brussels smells of waffles. If you walk down the streets, the aroma wafts through the air from restaurants and street vendors making it difficult to deny the temptation (not that we even tried).

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  1. Mmm it looks delicious!!

  2. This waffle looks amazing! I'm so jealous.

  3. Anonymous23.7.10

    I like your blog posts and pictures are fantastic. I like following you guys, however, isn't this from a looong time ago? I don't know about anyone else but I think it would be great if you posted more pics of the cities (rather than always food) and were a little more current. Just my opinion. I do like your posts though!

  4. YUM! That looks insanely delicious.

  5. whu? sorry, i was just staring with avid lust at the waffle. they are SO generous with the strawberries! gah that looks good!

  6. REALLY? It smells like waffles? Must.Go.Now.

  7. I am for sure going to visit Brussels and have a waffle! Beligum was my first choice for waffles, but now I have two tasty places to visit while living in Germany.

  8. wow those look good! really really good :)

  9. yum. heaven smells like waffles.

  10. so delicious!!! this waffle you have in front of you is just stunning. i bet it tasted like heaven :)
    viele grüsse, kristina

  11. Anonymous - Thanks. I'm going to provide you with a long and wordy response:

    We'd love to be more current but while we were in some countries, we fell behind because of internet connections and then we took some breaks to work on other projects.

    I'm sure there are a lot of people who travel, have full days, go to shows at night, upload/back-up/edit photos, manage finances, plan itineraries, try to keep up to date with news and pop culture, read, keep in touch with friends/family, AND blog every day with up to the minute content - but we don't. Sorry.

    Besides, what difference does it make? - it might be a little old, but it's new to you.

    In the last week, we've done posts about a museum and architecture so, in my opinion, we mix it up. We have this travelogue so that we can remember the things we did on our trip, and food is a huge part of why we like traveling.

    Oh, and the post was titled 'waffles', so if you don't like reading about/looking at food, then you were kinda warned.

    Thanks for liking our non-food related posts and the feedback. Sorry that we're not going to blog any faster or less about food because of it, but hopefully you'll hang around anyway - and maybe we'll catch up.

    Linz - I'm glad they were generous because the tourist areas of Brussels charges a fortune for these things!

    MyLittlePhotographs - Yes. REALLY.

    Fuat Cencal - Is that turkish? Neither of us read or understand turkish, but we put it through google translate… although, I don't know that the expression means anything in English?!

  12. anon-some people prefer the food posts to the other type of posts! thats why this blog is so great, there is something for everyone.

    ps. mina you look so cute, those waffles didnt know what they had comin'

  13. im so jealous of the amazing life you are leading!!! i love your blog!! anddd, these waffles look YUMMY. enjoy! keep blogging!

  14. Anonymous23.7.10

    Hi,me again - the one who left the comment about another food post. Don't get me wrong, I like the food posts too! I just personally like photos of cities, buildings, people, etc. a bit more. But you are right, food is a VERY big part of traveling...I know that eating food is half the fun...been there! And yes, I was warned (given the title) but I still chose to read/look at the post because really, I do enjoy all of your posts. Anyway, I will definitely stick around to see more and the waffle does look good! Oh, and I guess it really doesn't matter if you guys are current with the posts...you're right, what does it matter to me???

  15. hello there!

    i just found your adorable blog and goodness this waffle concoction looks incredible, so incredible in fact it is making my stomach growl! i think i may just have to make this for breakfast to satisfy that craving.

  16. ummm, i need to go to belgium.
    we eat waffles similar to these in nyc at the waffles and dinges truck every time we see it (we can never resist)

  17. Yum! My friend's restaurant makes a "waffle of insane greatness" that is one of the best things I've ever eaten. These look even better :)

  18. and in the morning...i'm making WAFfles