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Did we say the drive to Fargo was bad?

We arrived in Chicago around midnight, after a snowy drive, and checked into the hotel to sleep. The next day was filled with clowning around at the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago-style hot dogs, chili fries, too much dessert, and some Frankenstein at the Daley Plaza

We took the requisite tourist photos at the bean:

Apparently, fine establishments will not offer ketchup with your Chicago-style hot dog as the sugar in the ketchup over-powers the flavor of the dog. How pretentious & delicious.

We got some cheap dessert.
Evidently, cheap does not necessarily mean small in the States.
The ice cream sandwich I ordered was the size of my face.

Our Hallowe'en night ended with some Frankenstein in Daley Plaza.

My kind of town, Chicago is.

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  1. I'm glad you had a lovely time :) I've never been to Chicago but now you've put the desire there!

  2. I'm glad you liked Chicago.. and I am just so jealous (like I've said before) of what you're doing!
    That drive looks scary. I never liked driving in the snow.. in fact it freaks me out horribly.

  3. wow, that ice cream sandwich looks so scrumptious!!! i'm glad you are having a good trip so far! young frankenstein is such a hilarious movie, what a good way to spend halloween.

  4. oh man! i hope the roads clear up!

    i LOVE icecream sandwhiches. i'm glad you're eating them despite the snowy weather. clearly you're a true winnipegger!

    where are you off to next?


  5. If I were to ever go to the states,Chicago is one place that would be on my list!

    I heard there have really good pizza there and popcorn:)

    those food are so yummy !

  6. I'd love to visit Chicago! Looks like your trip is off to a wonderful start (:

    Saskia x

    PS The sihouette butterfly photo is so cool!

  7. I have always wanted to visit Chicago!!! Your pics look amazing (and I laughed out loud when you said "how pretentious and delicious" over the no ketchup ordeal. haha!)

    This really makes me want to take a trip to Chicago!!!

  8. So snowy! I love Chicago- I want to go again and take pics with the Bean!

  9. Oh, I LOVE Chicago. :) I really really want to go back someday. It was incredible the first time, but I was too young to really get to explore on my own.

  10. Chicago is a great city! And those cheese fries looked delish!!

  11. Looks like you two are having so much fun. The touristy photographs are a must!!

  12. Ahh - you guys are awesome!! Ice cream sandwich the size of your face...ahhh the American way ;) Have fun!

  13. Anonymous4.11.09

    Driving in the snow, gasp!!! Not for me, oh no no!

    Yes, The Museum of Science and Industry. We missed it when we were in Chicago last and I wanted to cry.

    I can't do Chicago-style hot dogs. Too many toppings and I'm a boring mustard only kinda gal :) Laughing about the ice cream. Portion control is of no importance in this country. God forbid we exercise a bit of restraint. Nope, bigger is better mmmkay?

    Frankenstein, how fun!!! You are my kinda people :)

    PS I got your tweets a couple days late but was so happy to get them!

  14. please please please go to butterfly thai and sushi bar in chicago. it's our favorite place. and it's seriously delish. :)

  15. love Chicago! I'm already having so much fun keeping up on your travels! keep up the blogging :)

  16. Oh the hotdog looks amazing.

    Mina, always beautiful :)

  17. I LOVE chicago!!!

    and yes, always beautiful.