parque méxico


el parque mexico

Born out of a dog racing track, the only remnant of this in El Parque México are the dogs. The park has become a trendy place for the residents of Condessa to come and walk their dogs, stroll with their families, grab a snack, or catch whoever is performing at the open-air amphitheater.

We went on a Sunday and happened to see a youth performance of the Nutcracker at the amphitheater.

alex and snacks

As soon as Alex walked by this stand, he immediately had to buy what they were selling. Duritos or chicharrones de harina (we're not 100% sure what they're called in Mexico City) are wheel shaped flour snacks, served with lemon juice and hot sauce. Alex had tried them once as a child and found them years later at a store in Winnipeg (labeled "Fry 'Ems Far Far"). Best 10 pesos spent so far!

We're not too sure what was happening here:

dog park
dog park

...but we're going to conclude that this man spent his week fabricating a dog bone piñata for reasons unknown.

The weather is fantastic in Mexico and we've been going out on long walks on a daily basis. Mexico City is very walkable, you need only watch out for uneven pavement and the occasional pocket of foul odor.

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  1. umm that snack look delicious!!

  2. My guess on the bottom pics is a dog birthday party. Dogs should have pinatas too.

  3. It's a puppy party!

    I love that the community found a new use for this place after it closed. Here in Phoenix the last local greyhound racetrack (thankfully) shut down - dog racing is so inhumane - and I'm afraid the place will just sit empty to rot and become an urban eyesore, instead of being reclaimed by the community.

  4. Wow, what great pictures.

    LOVE your blog! :-)

  5. Anonymous21.12.09

    How surreal watching The Nutcracker in Mexico City. We just saw the play version of A Christmas Story over the weekend.

    Lol @ "pocket of foul odor" :) Brings back not-so-fond memories of Anaheim, CA. Having a "police dog nose" really sucks sometimes.