the old ice house


Approaching the historic 19th century ice house, beautifully restored into a cabin, was like stepping into a fairy tale. It was all so perfectly picturesque. The cabin is called the 'Ice House' because it was originally built to store blocks of ice (cut from ponds in the winter) for the summer visitors of the nearby Wellscroft Lodge.

Now, it's anything but cold. We spent a few days lounging by the fire, playing cards, making popcorn and s'mores, and gazing at the stars in the evenings. - Mina

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  1. Sounds perfect! Where were you exactly?

  2. it looks so cosy :)

  3. Danielle - It's in Upper Jay, near Lake Placid. If anyone's interested, send me a message and I'll send you the Airbnb listing!

  4. What a quaint cabin! I would love a fireplace in every room too! It makes the room more romantic, doesn't it?

  5. It's so cosy and cute!

    Grace |

  6. Anonymous3.12.13

    Oh, that's a beautiful place! (It's funny how you describe your blog by saying 'we left (...) the prairies of Canada to run away together'. That's actually one of the places I'd love to run to. :) Passion for traveling comes regardless of age, gender, or location, eh?

  7. Looks like a nice place to hide away for a while!

  8. There are 6 pictures with Jay in them but only two with the lovely Mina, obviously something is wrong.
    Just kidding, great pictures of a wonderful small building, looks like a beautiful place to stay. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Yes, certainly would have to agree with Edward bout applauding the idea of Jay taking an equal roll behind the lens ! Likewise... since we're all openly appreciate 'fine architecture', why wouldn't it be clear to Jay that Mina would should play a major roll... along with the stunning taxidermic wildlife . Thank you for including the nice shot of the cabin book.. I'll be looking for one ! Thank you for your blog.. I'll be checking in !