ziemke glass blowing studio


Our last stop in Vermont was Ziemke Glassblowing Studio where they have free demonstrations. We happened to walk in just as Glenn Ziemke (well, at least I think it was him) was starting to blow some glass. It was cool to see him make a candle stick holder within a few minutes. There was a window between us and his workshop as I imagine it gets pretty hot in there. We sat on a bench while a lady in the attached shop narrated what he was doing. He made it look easy but there's likely a lot of training, skill, and knowledge that goes into the craft. It even seems like it could be slightly dangerous, but he was cool and calm the entire time. He's obviously been doing this for years. - Mina

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  1. I really like when you guys do these posts on artists. So interesting.

  2. I just visited a glass blowing shop here in Stavanger. It is so fascinating. The movements and techniques become second nature and all of a sudden, there's an object taking form and colour. So cool. We didn't have to sit behind a glass wall - the moment she opened the door to the 'oven,' you could feel it but it didn't stay too warm.

  3. Interesting post...thanks for sharing!


  4. What cool shots you got!...I've seen a few glass blowers in action before. They really are 'cool cats' aren't they?! ^_^

  5. Cool! I went to a glass blowing place in Estes Park a long time ago ... I was ten or so and on vacation with my dad and his family. It was one of the coolest things to watch. I think the guy working the glass ended up making a bowl of some sort.

  6. They make the glass in the old fashion way albeit with modern efficiency as well as engineering. Much like the artisans of old, they use reflective cooling to turn it into crystals. I bet this is where my hand mirror came from.