jardin majorelle


The Majorelle Garden was designed by the expatriate French artist, Jacques Majorelle, nearly 100 years ago. Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé were the owners of the garden since 1980 and when Yves Saint Laurent died, his ashes were scattered in the garden and a modest monument was erected in his honor.

Seeing cacti and palm trees never gets old - perhaps it's all those years of living on the prairies. This garden was one of the many highlights of our time in Marrakesh. It's a serene oasis in the middle of a very busy and very loud city. The gorgeous cobalt blue on the walls reminded us of Frida Kahlo's home in Mexico City, as did the overall vibe of the garden.

Apparently, there are many species of birds that can be found there, but we only counted three. We definitely heard, what sounded like millions, of them near the bamboo. The shoots were covered in carvings, much like you would see on a tree stump in the woods. We're not into vandalizing nature, but we did serendipitously find a heart with M+A carved into it.

I wasn't familiar with Majorelle (the artist) before visiting Morocco and gather his paintings are largely unknown. I'm so thankful that he designed this amazing place and that we were able to experience it firsthand.

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  1. Anonymous6.2.12

    love the rich colors

  2. That is such an amazing shade of blue!

  3. The gardens are so full of color! They are expertly enhanced by you two, as always. I especially love your pose on the blue stairs Mina, so beautiful!

  4. I like colors of this place and how the architecture suits the garden

  5. Stunning stunning photos!

  6. Anonymous6.2.12

    So beautiful...

  7. Gorgeous photos -- the colors, the light, your dress! Totally looks like FK could have lived there.

  8. Anonymous6.2.12

    I loved this garden, i've been twice. It's just amazing !!!

  9. Oh, wow. Pure, vibrant magic.

  10. Beautiful photos, I would love to go there some time. Your dress is gorgeous btw!

    X Mandy