cab ride in marrakesh


took this video on our way to the bahia palace - anyone speak arabic?

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  1. Lindsay19.2.12

    I love your blog!!

  2. This is sort of frightening, I love it! Who is the random woman he picks up? haha

  3. Aubrey - No clue. It kind of seems like they know each other but I think it's just another passenger and it's probably common to double up on fares.

  4. Hahaha LOVE it! I took a video like this in India.

  5. i love that you posted this. it gives me so much more of a glimpse into what it must be like to travel the way you do...such a distinct feel. i spent one summer in greece in college but one of my friends was greek and fluent so i never had the fear of not knowing AT ALL what was going on. watching this made me realize why exactly i'm terrified to travel.
    and why, exactly, i should.

  6. krista - What?! I thought the previous commenter was just being a bit hyperbolic when she said 'frightening'. Alex negotiated with the driver in French before we got in the cab and we knew where we were going. Most people we encountered spoke French or English. So, we knew what was going on the entire time.

    ... or are you referring to the crazy driving? You get used it it. :) There are worse places in the world where you actually fear for your life. The most that could happen here is a fender bender - nothing to be scared of.

  7. This reminds me of being in Central and South America and how your taxi driver will stop at a gas station, pick up family members, or random people while you're in the taxi. You feel uneasy at first and then you get used to it. Love the video! Can't help you with the Arabic, though! A little hard to hear but something my parents would probably understand.

  8. Anonymous21.2.12

    It is totally common in Morocco for cab drivers to pick up other people while you are in the car. They like to fill up the empty seats and make more money. I went there for the summer a while back and it was completely normal according to my aunts and uncles who live there. Try going to the beach in a cab filled with 5 other strangers you don't know plus 2 cousins. ;)
    As for the girl your cab driver picked up, she is a customer that the cab driver happens to know. I can't hear the whole conversation but from what I could make out it seems they know one another because he asks her how her father is doing and something about school. Sorry but I can really make out the rest because I can't really hear what is going on.
    I hope I helped out somehow, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip! =)


  9. this is so great. my brother just came home from Qatar, but i think Morocco is more intresting.haha