alex's night of drinking


The title is a bit deceptive; I doubt we'll be posting drunken photos any time soon.  One night in the souk, Alex was feeling pretty adventurous and tried everything from freshly squeezed orange juice to some reeeeeally strong tea. I know that "adventurous" is a bit much to use as a description for drinking tea/O.J, but travelers need to be wary of street food and drinks. Unfortunately, he did end up getting sick and was in bed for the entire day afterwards. I walked to a pharmacy and bought him some meds by gesturing to a woman who didn't speak French or English (not the first time I've done this!) and he was better within a day. I took a sip of the juice and didn't get sick so we thought it was the tea which seems impossible because it was boiling hot... I suppose it could have been something completely unrelated. On the plus side, this is the first vacation ever that I didn't get ill. I popped vitamin C everyday and generally acted like a crazy germaphobe... maybe it worked, or maybe it was just mind over matter. We ended that night on one of the many terraces, overlooking the market, and shared a dinner of kebabs. No meal in Marrakesh is complete without mint tea - a perfect end to the evening.


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  1. I'm so glad Alex is feeling better! Good for you for not getting sick at all Mina, being wary of germs pays off :)

  2. Stinks that he got sick, but the photos are amazing!

  3. Stunning photos and I hope you nevertheless try much more different food and drinks. :D
    I nearly love this part the most.

    Nice greetings from Austria!

  4. I love that orange shot! And the video is fabulous!!! So sorry Alex got sick :(

  5. Ive heard that you can't really get sick from tea but I don't believe it.

    We had a lot of juice while in marrakech and no one got sick so Im putting my money on the tea.

  6. Amazing that you are traveling again!
    This place looks so magical.
    Great that Alex is feeling better.
    Happy exploring.

  7. gosh, I drank so much mint tea in Morocco, loved it!
    and I am pretty sure that Alex got sick from the orange juice! :)

  8. That GIF is awesome! Scott and I, no joke, had at least five pots of mint tea a night while we were in Morocco--I'm sure all that sugar just added to our waistlines =)