khyber pass


When we went to Au Pied Du Cochon for Mina's birthday, we walked by a delicious smelling restaurant called Khyber Pass.  We later learned that they serve authentic Afghan food, but we only recently made the time to try it for ourselves.

The appetizers were amazing, particularly the "sambossa" (as it was called on the menu ) which was basically the same as a samosa but had different spices. The main dishes we ordered were served with basmati rice three ways and a really refreshing cucumber salad loaded with cilantro. 

With all of the amazing restaurants in Montreal, we have kept our palates busy and haven't missed the experience of trying new cuisines  around the globe. We are, however, incredibly excited about our upcoming trip to Morocco. If the food there is anything like it was in Egypt, it will be delicious. Right now, we're using pinterest to plan our trip there - if you know of any places we should check out, your recommendations are welcome!

- Alex

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  1. This looks like such a great place. The food looks amazing! Alex looks good too! :D

  2. uh looks like a great place!! and the food looks delicious! and I am sure you will love morocco, it is an amazing place, I have been to marrakech and essaouira!

  3. Oh my, that food looks and sounds great and how exciting that you're going to Morocco too, I can't wait to hear about that :)

  4. what a super cool spot, I adore the exterior.

    I am so jealous of your impending travels to Morocco. I just got back from Spain, so far i have blogged a ton about Madrid!! But still have a lot more to go. :)

  5. looks amazing! x

  6. yum!
    i have never been to marocco, but i expect it to be beautiful and the food will be amazing.

  7. Anonymous12.10.11

    You always have SUCH amazing pictures (you are so talanted)! I love them all.

    It looks like you always have such a fun time and you really capture the beauty of where ever you are!

    Have a great day!

  8. You inspired me . I had falafel today. Marrocan style.

  9. Anonymous13.10.11

    your blog is the kinda blog, that i always hope to run into - and today it happend! thank you.

    definitely a new follower :)
    now time to go through the archives and read your stories!

  10. Here's our beautiful days spent in Morocco, first up Rabat, our favorite of them all..

    And here are some more from Essaouira, Casablanca and more...

    Hope you will have at least as wonderful as we had! The food is simply amazing!


    World Tour Stories. Just a couple of lovers, sailing around the world.

  11. Fes... You have to go to Fes, it's so beautiful, the medina is amazing ( so narrow no cars can fit and they have to transport everything about by donkey). Marrakech is amazing too... And so close to the mountains... Take your walking shoes!

    I love your blog,