Poutine at Chez Ashton


chez ashton

Poutine is a serious topic in Quebec. We've tried a few different places that serve it around Montreal - all good (tasting, that is... not good for you) but our trip to Quebec City wouldn't have been complete without getting one from the best spot there. The consensus online seemed to be that Chez Ashton had the best in the city so that's where we went. It's famous for its January promotion - the price of poutine goes down with the temperature. If the temperature is -25 degrees celsius, the customer receives a 25% discount on a poutine! Unfortunately, there was no discount for us because it was February, but it was worth paying full price.

poutine at chez ashton

We went to their location in the old city. For those of you who aren't familiar with the infamous poutine, the dish consists of french fries, gravy, and cheese curds. Chez Ashton gets their potatoes from the nearby Isle d'Orleans. They're cut by hand using slicers that are based on a 100 year old design, fried, and then topped with their 'secret-recipe' gravy and locally made cheese curds. Apparently, this is the key to their perfect poutine. This description makes it sound pretty involved, but to give you an idea of how ubiquitous this meal is, you can even get it at McDonalds.

I'll leave you with this amusing New York Times article about poutine which I originally read in Oaxaca, Mexico of all places. I remember thinking that I definitely didn't miss Canada at the time (it was December and cold), but that I could have gone for a poutine and had a really good feeling I wasn't going to find any for a long time - the rest of the world needs to get on board! - Mina

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  1. ahh those saucy, cheesy fries... it's been awhile since i've indulged!

    looking forward to seeing these new projects!

  2. Hi guys!!! I really like very much your such wonderful diary!!! Sorry for my question, but from where you have money for all this travels???

  3. janis - Thanks Janis! There's a place called Boon in Winnipeg that makes a vegan variety that's unusual but good!

    Jenea - I wish I had some exciting answer for you but it's just saving/good investing/budgeting.

  4. Mmm I love poutine! If you guys are ever in Vancouver you should try the poutine pizza at Brado's on Commercial Drive :D

  5. I've had poutine in Montreal before. It was so-so. But I will definitely be checking out this place when in QC in July!

  6. I love poutine!!!

  7. I tried poutine when I was in BC many years ago. SO good! =)

  8. oh. Poutine! Can't wait to have some in June! I've been craving it for 2 years, no joke.

  9. Anonymous9.3.11

    OMG!! Poutines are the best thing ever after the bar.

  10. Anonymous9.3.11

    Loving your blog as usual!

    I have never actually had poutine and I feel like I am missing out.

    Amywhere good in England that you know off?

    Sage x

  11. Wow I have never heard of poutine before but it sounds.... interesting, haha! I can't imagine eating anywhere if it were -25 degrees though, I don't think I'd be able to leave my house :)

  12. Oh, yum! I've always wanted to try poutine!! It looks so delicious.

  13. I love Poutine! The post you just commented on (Saus - Belgian Frites & Waffles place) serves it!! I am going back for some, stat.

  14. Hi hi! Mina thank you for your Awesome answer! Good luck to you! You are very intersting and beautiful couple, hope that once I could meet you in real life..maybe somewhere in Hawaii, or Antarctida!!! ;))))

  15. droool, I pretty much lived off poutine in high school. This looks amazing.