la tetería


It was nearly impossible to find tea in Malaga, they love coffee and variations of it. Neither of us drink coffee at all. If you've been reading for awhile, you know that we prefer tea. Another thing you might know if you're a long time reader is that I get sick every single time we go to a new destination. I don't know what's wrong with me. It wasn't too bad this time, just a sore throat and the sniffles, but I felt like I needed a good cup of tea (and my trusty tiger balm, of course. Do you guys use that stuff? It's magic!)

There was a mall attached to our hotel with a bunch of American fast food restaurants in it. Dunkin' Donuts was called Dunkin' Coffee (that doesn't even make sense) - they didn't serve tea. There was one place that you could buy a generic tea bag and boiling water in a small styrofoam cup for 2 euros. That was criminal and I refused to partake in such an atrocity.

Luckily, we found two teterías in town that were affordable and had a wide assortment of tea as well as other drinks and pastries (well, as affordable as anything is in Europe).


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  1. haha - love this quote: There was one called dunkin' coffee - that doesn't even make sense. Made me giggle :) I love my tea too, and those pictures look delightful.

  2. Tiger Balm!! My mom bought some years ago when we went to China, and she swears by it.

  3. your engagement/wedding rings are beautiful!

  4. we are like you..we ONLY drink hot tea! it is so soothing!! and i too love your rings

  5. I remember seeing Dunkin' Coffee in Spain and thinkin that made zero sense as well, lol. fortunately, I love coffee, and the cafe con leche in Spain was always awesome. But I'm glad you guys found some tea :)

  6. Love the photo of you drinking tea. It looks so romantic there!

  7. Looks like a tough town for a tea drinker!...And for dunking your coffee! ^_^

  8. Anonymous7.1.11

    if you come to Paris, in certain cafés you can pay 6€ ($9) for a bottle of Coke.
    my friends who visited us from Canada ordered some water and were given a bottle of water, but didn't realize that it costs almost €20 until they got the bill!!

  9. Spaniards do love their café con leche; it's true. My boyfriend might be one of the very few Spaniards who loves tea. He rejects afternoon coffee, but starts every single day with a cup of English breakfast tea.

  10. I get sick too! When I went to AUSTRALIA I was so sick. Luckily, I downed my fluids and could appreciate my trip. I love these tea photos and that red tea pot puts the P in perfection! Happy Traveling! XO!

  11. beautiful images!

  12. To me, life is not worth living with coffee haha. Seriously, how can you not drink coffee?????

  13. Your photos are beautiful.

    I know how hard it is to get a good cup of tea (and hot) in many countries and for this tea addict I can't start my day with out a cup or 2 (maybe 3)!

  14. Hi lovey! You won my stylish bloggie award!! come visit and see at

    Love me! YAY!
    the globetrotting gamine


  15. ah! for the love of tea. i share your absolute love of tea and agree, styrofoam is no vessel for tea.

  16. Yuriy swears by Tiger Balm for every ailment ever since his first trip to Thailand. So cool that you can buy it anywhere here.

    And I can't imagine a city without tea!

  17. I know how you are feeling now... traveling can be so very traumatic for our body,and to get used to the changes does takes time.
    Take melatonin,extra vit.C and plenty of water and fresh air...stay away from crowded places too.
    Soooo good that you found a place to drink real tea!!

    enjoy your time in Malaga!

  18. Nothing beats a cup of tea, especially when you're sick!

    So funny about the Dunkin' Coffee, by the way :)

  19. Nothing beats a good cup of tea - especially when your backdrop is as beautiful as that! Malaga looks gorgeous!

  20. Oh, I'm sorry. I was distracted by the gigantic rock on your finger.