Admittedly, I became a bit tired of our hunt for the perfect pizza in NYC because I can only handle so much tomato sauce and cheese. Alex, on the other hand, probably could have eaten pizza every day. I really don't know how he doesn't get sick of it. When we went into Otto, we were determined not to order pizza. We failed.

Pea and Pancetta Bruschetta

It started off well, the pea and pancetta "bruschetta" made us feel like we were making a healthy choice. The fresh peas were tossed in mint and olive oil! Unusual, but very good.

Artichoke Alla Romana
Before we left for our trip, I steamed artichokes for dinner one day. It was the first time we tried them and we said that we should make them more often. Of course, after we left, this just wasn't feasible so we did the next best thing and ordered it at a restaurant.

Fennel & Bottarga Pizza
Although they have the standard pepperoni, there were a bunch of different pizzas to try like "Vongole" (clams, garlic) and "Quattro Stagioni" (swiss chard, mushrooms, cotto). These were definitely not the toppings we were used to (not as strange as that time we  had banana on a pizza though). So, we gave in to the alluring ingredients.

We shared the "Fennel & Bottarga" pizza - tomato, raw fennel, bottarga, pecorino, and mozzarella. Apparently, bottarga is considered the poor man's caviar. In reviews online, people have complained that Otto doesn't put enough of it on the pizza and have said that they sent it back. We didn't, but definitely couldn't taste it because the fennel was overpowering. I'm definitely going to consider fennel when making pizza at home because I loved it!

Compared to other NYC restaurants, Otto was really affordable considering the quality of the meal... but we have yet to find the best slice.

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  1. I love eating in New York. Drool.
    Mina, thank you for your kind words regarding the drama at my job. It's pretty much blown over, but has left me with a bad taste in my mouth. I will email you about it when things calm down a little bit. :-)

  2. Looks delicious :) Glad you're having a great time :)

  3. Oh yum!!!!!! How do you guys stay so thin with all of this delish food?

  4. I think you've left New York... but if not, or if you're back: Motorino. Absolutely amazing.

  5. I went to Otto over the summer and LOVED it! Your pictures are amazing!

  6. Food looks absolutely delicious!

  7. I have the same question as Andi, how did you guys stays so thin after eating all these yummy meals in NY? :P Great post..

  8. Global Butterfly & Sarah Wu - Alex is just one of those lucky people. I gain weight just looking at food and I did, a lot, in NYC. I expected to... and it was worth it!

    Ashley - Awesome! Thanks for the tip, we've added it to our bookmarks for next time.

    Lorene - Thank you!

  9. Great posts in NYC! For the best pizza though, you MUST visit Gribaldis in Brooklyn. It's actually quite a fun activity, either take the subway there, enjoy the Brooklyn Promenade with the best view of the Manhattan skyline, eat the BEST pizza at Gribaldi's and then walk off the pizza with a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge.

    Love, love, love your blog!! Very jealous of you two!