Back in March, after a long day of sightseeing in South Africa, we returned to our hotel room to relax. Before we went out for dinner, we decided that we should check our email/blog/facebook/twitter etc...

At the moment we had checked our twitter, Conan O' Brien announced his tour. Both of us have been pretty big Conan fans since we were teens. When he took over The Tonight Show, we were kind of disappointed that we wouldn't get to see him live on Late Night in NYC. When he got kicked off The Tonight Show, we thought that our chances of seeing him live were gone.

But, we were in South Africa, it just wasn't meant to be.... then we paused and asked each other "Why not?!" The entire purpose of this trip was to do what we wanted... so what if it seemed a little crazy? We had already been toying with the idea of going back to Canada for the summer, so this would be perfect - we would spend some time in NYC and then make our way back.

We went ahead and bought the tickets and figured out how to get to NYC afterward. It was pretty exciting.

The show was so much fun. Radio City Music Hall is beautiful. Reggie Watts is really talented. Conan ran through the audience and played 'The Weight' by The Band as his encore!

John Krasinski was there....

Pee Wee Herman was there...

The 'masturbating bear' was there...

Good times were had by all.

...and then we met Conan! Stay tuned tomorrow for photos of our meeting with Conan & his pals.

P.S. His new show debuts on TBS tonight. We're hoping it will be as good as the old Late Night.

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  1. Aaaaahhhhh! Awesome! Peewee? John Krasinski? And Conan! So fun :-)

  2. Thanks for the info ! I enjoyed your post !

  3. I have never understood the appeal of ANY of those late-night talk shows, but I know how much you guys love Conan, so I'm glad to hear you got to meet him.

  4. that is so AWESOME!!! color me jealous!! my brother got to see him at bonnaroo this summer and said he was just beyond hilarious. ahhhh i can't wait for his new show to start, i love me some conan!

  5. that looks so awesome!

  6. Your Conan experience sounds awesome! I'm a recent follower, but I love your blog!

  7. My husband and I saw Conan in was fantastic. I can't wait for tonight! I hope he keeps his beard!!!

  8. Looks so fun! I love spontaneous decisions like that. I rarely make them, but I admire those that do!

  9. Anonymous8.11.10

    jealous in every way - he's one tall glass of... skim milk.

  10. i LOVE LOVE LOVE John Krasinski.

  11. i love this man. so much. i've been a fan for so long, i'm so glad he's finally back on television! i can't believe you MET HIM. aahh, i bet it was such a great experience!!! i cannot wait to hear about it!

    i also LOVE john krasinski, what a cutie. :)

  12. ohh, Just Love Conan !