meditation in love park


While we were busy taking photos of the LOVE sculpture by Robert Indiana, these people were enlightening themselves through meditation. Neither of us can say we've given meditation an honest try, but we don't know how people do it. There's just so much to think about that we think it would be difficult "turning off" your brain in a silent room let alone in busy Love Park/JFK Plaza.

The heat on that particular day was almost unbearable. Couple that with tourists taking your picture and it's a wonder that they were all in such a trance. Extra kudos to these folk for their self discipline.

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  1. wow now THAT is interesting!

  2. so amazing, I love how you've decided to live your life, why do 9-5 when you can do this right?

    D e g a i n e

  3. I feel the same way as you guys regarding meditation, but this gruop session looks really cool. I love the dude with his feet dangling in the water. great way to cool off!

  4. Wow, what photos! I've never meditated before, but I wouldn't imagine that the middle of a busy city would be the ideal place! Or...maybe it's the perfect place! Everywhere needs a bit more peace :)

  5. i've meditated successfully once. at a mind/body fitness conference. if you want to give it a try: don't think about turning off your brain. think of focusing in on what you want to accomplish. it will go from there. (I had the same thoughts/ trouble).

  6. wow thats so cool!
    havent read too much lately on your blog, i really have to catch up.
    butjust started my new collection...ah...
    i will read all your latest adventures in a few weeks.

    have fun!

  7. Anonymous17.8.10

    that looks awesome. i wish they had meditation at parks near me!

    i saw this and thought of you guys:

    might be fun once you're back home. then you know where you guys haven't gone. just a thought.

  8. I wish I stumbled upon this during my visit to Philly this summer! Looks like you guys are having some great travels!

  9. this are a little funny

    hope you guys are doing well.
    you need to add a flight to hawaii in on one of your trips, it would be fun for katie and I to meet you


  10. how lovely. Great little spot to meditate

  11. Anonymous4.5.11

    My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!