mini road trip


From Johannesburg, we rented a car to drive to Kruger National Park. It was a straightforward drive through some great scenery (well, for the last 2 hours anyway).

As the sun started to set, we started to worry. The signage for the park was vague and it seemed to be taking a lot longer to get from the main highway to the gate. As each minute passed the road got darker and darker as the sun disappeared under the horizon. Finally, the gate appeared in front of us!

Darkness engulfed us as we checked in at the gate, and we were told that we (as well as another group of tourists) needed to be escorted to our base-camp. Soon after leaving the gate, the escort jeep slowed to a stop and we saw a beautiful giraffe, eating the leaves from the top of a tree, in the moonlight. The escort jeep stopped for a second time a short while later. At first, we couldn't see what was going on, then, suddenly, a group of hyenas started surrounding our car. So, we knew within minutes of entering, that Kruger was not going to disappoint.

{Apologies for the blurry photo, it was a lot darker than it looks here.
We didn't anticipate that we would start seeing the wildlife so soon!}

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  1. Hi Mina and Alex! I've been following your blog for a while and I like it a lot. One of the reason is your photos. They are not usual photo about pretty scenes, but they are telling stories!

  2. Anonymous19.5.10

    Whoa, these photographs are fantastic.

  3. absolutely beautiful!

    thanks for visiting Everyday Ebullience :)

  4. these photos are crazy cool....those trees are amazing.
    What a beautiful road trip:)
    The cows remind me of where I live.

  5. This looks and sounds amazing. I can't wait to see more pictures from Kruger national park.

  6. Gorgeous! I'm waiting in suspense for your next batch of pictures! I'm sure they will be magnificent!

  7. I love Kruger national Park! The hyenas are a little creepy - at least when you're in an open-topped jeep. :) Great photos - I really enjoy your blog.

  8. BREATHTAKING landscapes!

  9. Anonymous19.5.10

    utterly breathtaking! i am just so incredulous of your travels...

  10. lovely photos. love the cows in the road!!!

  11. shark diving is definitley not for me, (no matter how safe or reputable) but kruger national park! bring it on! I can not WAIT for your animal pictures. what a fun road trip for you guys!!!

  12. I'm so jealous of all the beautiful scenery you've been seeing! You guys are so fortunate!

  13. Anonymous23.7.13

    I have drive so many time in these roads from Johannesburg to Maputo Mozambique. How I miss those landscape!