apartheid museum


Before coming to South Africa, we always tended to associate the country with the apartheid system. Although we were aware of the history of apartheid, the museums we visited really opened our eyes to the full story. No museum explained it better than the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg.
The immersive experience of the museum starts right at the main gate where you are randomly assigned as "white" or "non-white" on your ticket. Separate doors for each ticket class lead visitors through the first exhibit, which displays identification papers that "non-whites" were required to carry in pre-1990's South Africa.

The museum is cleverly designed to both engage the visitor and provide them with ample content. A slalom course of modern-art inspired mirrors introduces visitors to relatives of apartheid victims and proud Johannesburgians (or Johannesburgers? Johannesburgeous?).

Photography isn't allowed on the inside the museum so, unless you've been there, you'll have to take our word for it that the museum delivers a powerfully descriptive documentation of the history of not only apartheid, but also South Africa.

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  1. wow, i bet that was a powerful journey. we went to germany a few years ago and went through a concentration camp... that was intense.

  2. That looks like such an interesting and powerful museum!

  3. Looks like a unique experience

  4. Wow! Sounds like something I'd want to visit if I ever have the chance to visit South Africa!

  5. wow, that sounds really interesting, and I'll definitely take your word for it :)

  6. wow. it must have been an unforgettable experience.

  7. Anonymous17.5.10

    i lived in south africa for a year when i was younger. it was fascinating to learn the country's history from their perspective.

    your photos make me want to go back desperately!

  8. Ooohh I love museums, I'm always trying to go to one, and that museum looks so cool. You guys must have had a lot of fun :D


  9. thank you so much for your comment!

    my boyfriend is south african and from johannesburg, but he has lived here (new zealand) since he was young so sounds/talks and act just like a kiwi. i may just have to call him a 'johannesburger' from now on! haha.

    that museum looks so interesting, i would love to go one day. my boyfriend thinks he will never go back because he doesn't feel safe there but maybe one day he will take me :)

    your blog is great!

  10. it's crazy to see how things used to be. south africa is definitely on my list of places i'd love to visit. and now this museum has now been added to the list.