tunel del amor or: how not to take photos in a cave


The taxis in the Galápagos are unmarked, white, pick-up trucks. After finding one of the guys that drove one to give us ride, we took a 20 minute drive to some lava tunnels that we had read about in a guide book. Do not be fooled by the title, this was no tunnel of love.

We arrived at a woman's house, who thought that I was from Ecuador, and gave me a local discount, even after she realized that I wasn't. We followed her as she led us to the tunnels and gave us directions that we didn't understand because she didn't speak English and was speaking far too quickly for us to pick up any Spanish.

She pointed at some "stairs" (loose rocks) that we climbed down to get into the tunnel.

The tunnel is named after the entrance, which, allegedly, looks like a heart - it doesn't. (Well, maybe, if you squinted and were also drunk).

Please excuse the terrible quality of these photos. We were totally unprepared for everything that day. We didn't bring our headlamp, let alone any flashlights or our tripod which is why all the photos are terribly blurry. Also, we walked home in the rain, without an umbrella.

Thankfully, the lady there lent us some flashlights. It was a good thing she did too, because 20 minutes into our walk, the lights went out and we had to find out way back in complete darkness. At times we felt we were in a bad horror movie but mostly, we were just bored.

Although it was kind of neat to see what a perfect hole the lava made, it wasn't a particularly interesting activity to walk through the tunnel. Walking through a muddy, wet, cave, in the dark is not my idea of fun. Unless you're a lava tunnel enthusiast, we would recommend skipping this spot if you ever head to the Galápagos. - Mina

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  1. I am always excited to see the new pictures you have to share on your blog! they are wonderful.


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  2. Very cool story and picture! I like that she gave you a discount even after she realized. :)
    ps: i need more followers :)

  3. Oh wow! How utterly beautiful, I think maybe I am a lava enthusiast, especially after seeing your images. Hmmm.....

    Have a fab week xoxo

  4. never gets old dudes.

  5. I went to the Paris catacombs with the bf last week. Our pictures kind of look like yours ;-)

  6. thanks for the HOT tip! oh that was a terrible joke...

  7. Wow, you two are definitely brave to head into such a mysterious cave like that! I'm so claustrophobic, I definitely would have stayed out of there!

    The way you are keeping this blog while you travel is absolutely incredible. When you return home, you will have this beautiful journal of all the exciting places you went...I think that it is such a great idea and I love reading all of your posts! Happy travels!

  8. I would agree... a creppy dark tunnel in the middle of nowhere, sounds about as fun as getting my teeth pulled ;o) But at least you guys gave it a shot.

  9. The pictures don't look bad at all...being to hard on yourselves!

  10. Sounds like quite an adventure, though! I'm too scared to enter caves like that!

  11. this is REALLY cool!

    (and maybe the entrance looks like an anatomical heart? it's a stretch)

  12. I'm always impressed to see what you guys find to do in each area. What books do you look at, and how do you decide what to do?

  13. Wow. What an experience! I don't really know if I could make it through the tunnels.... No desire to go there exactly. *giggles*

  14. I think the 2 pictures of you turned out really nice. You look so beautiful. I'm pretty sure I always say that but IT's TRUE!!

  15. Anonymous12.3.10

    it looks like you're having an amazing adventure! I've been your blog for a while now and it's so interesting!=)