the rock


The Rock is a restaurant that we frequented whilst in Puerto Ayora. This post is only a brief reprieve from the animal posts that have been taking over our blog lately. The wildlife is really the primary reason anyone visits the Galápagos, so hopefully you guys like sea lions and birds (...and more iguanas).

Most of the restaurants in Puerto Ayora have a really 'laid-back' and relaxed feel to them. Dim lighting and music by The Beatles, Eric Clapton, and Bob Marley made it easy to hang out for much too long.

Refreshing and exotic fruit juices seem to be a necessity in the balmy Galápagos weather, and The Rock did not disappoint. They also have some interestingly titled mixed drinks for all you alcoholics, such as Blue Boobies Margarita and Sex on Tortuga Bay.

We should note that all of the other restaurants we went to around Puerto Ayora were crap. Not only was the food horrible or undercooked, every single dish made us sick - even spaghetti sans meat (how?!) It also seems that the vast majority of places to eat did not serve local fare and only catered to tourists. Since Puerto Ayora is such a small town, we literally tried all of the restaurants there. As soon as we found The Rock, we didn't eat anywhere else!

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  1. the hair graffitti! love the food looks amazing. looks as if you are both still having fun. my son and his new wife are travelling for 4 months in South America.xxlynda

  2. Those are either really small apples or really big hunks of bread! Unless my perspective is going crazy lol. Looks yummy!

  3. wow! looks like people really take the rock seriously, shaving the logo into their hair and all!

  4. I wonder if that was a condition of employment? :) It sucks that all the food was crap, but at least you found a spot that worked for you!

  5. yummy! your travels look oh so wonderful.

  6. yumm! What I would give to try exotic fruit juices right now.

  7. thanks for your comment on my blog :)

    totally love what you two are doing! it's always so refreshing to me to see couples vagabonding together. makes me feel that there's some hope for being :P

  8. Anonymous10.3.10

    That is always a challenging part of travelling- figuring out what you are going to eat. I've had my share of bad experiences.

  9. I love the "we're better than you because we don't drink alcohol" sarcasm. It fits in well with overall vibe of the blog.

    Also, Alex should get that "Rock" haircut as a souvenir.

  10. Sorry to hear about the crappy food that made you sick there. Haha. I guess hygienic practices are sometimes rare in developing countries!

    P.S. I'm enjoying your Galapagos photos very much.

  11. Aw, that stinks about all the restaurants! :[

    But The Rock sounds pretty cool and the food looks lovely. <3
    - L

  12. Anonymous11.3.10

    that first picture is seriously making my mouth water. thank god it's almost 5 o'clock here!

  13. i love the guy's hair. the culture seems like so much fun!!