The 'Zócalo' is a large plaza in the center the historic area of Mexico City. At over 57, 000 square metres, it is one of the largest city squares in the world. Because it is the holiday season, they have several 'winter themed' stations for the locals.

A snowman-building station:

a snowmobile station:

a snow tubing station:

an ice skating rink:

...and of course, spectators:

Keep in mind that all of this is in the middle of 20+ degree (Celsius/ 70+ degrees Fahrenheit) weather. It's amusing to see all of the people enjoying these activities as a novelty when it is all so commonplace where we come from.

This is going to be our first 'green' Christmas. We're not quite sure where we'll be or what we're going to be doing. Apparently, it's -40 (ºC/ºF) back in Winnipeg (with the wind chill). Also, we escaped Toronto before a snow storm that caused the airport to shut down. You have no idea how happy we are to be avoiding a Canadian winter!

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  1. That is one thing I do miss about being on the road. Christmas does NOT need to be cold for me, even though I grew up in the US. 70s sounds just about right to me.

  2. that snow area looks like a blast.

  3. How fun!! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. oh! that looks AWSOME! glad you missed the bad storm. and yes, i'm very jeal of your 20+ degree weather. :P

  5. I agree , the snow area looks amazing, they should have one here^^;

    Your pictures are really beautiful*
    Thanks for dropping by my blog^^

  6. Anonymous12.12.09

    This is a great idea and it must be nice for them to have to "simulate" winter. The real thing can be very long and depressing. lol.

  7. Bunch of freaks. You don't see us hauling out a bunch of heaters and having simulated outdoor beach parties in the middle of winter.

    Did you go on the skating rink? I'm assuming your abilities would have been 5,000,000 times superior to the locals. You could have been instant celebrities.

    ...and yes, it's -40ish here. Good time to be away.