centro histórico


Located in the Centro Histórico area of Mexico City is the Museo José Luis Cuevas. This museum was definitely one of the highlights during our first day of exploring.

Cuevas is a modernist Mexican painter and sculptor who has purchased this space to house his own work as well as pieces by other Mexican artists.

Upon entering the museum, there is a massive courtyard. Cuevas created an 8 meter, 8 tonne, statue, specifically for the courtyard area. It is called La Giganta:

We would have paid the 15 peso admission just to be able to sit in the beautiful entrance.

The museum is a former convent and it is quite a large building with several rooms showcasing different mediums of art.

Mexico City is so rich in art and culture. We randomly found a cute caricature museum that we'll likely post about later. The two of us are especially looking forward to visiting the home of Frida Kahlo.

Thanks so much to our followers from Mexico City who have sent us great suggestions. We have already experienced several of your recommendations and are so excited that you are interested in helping us with our travels!

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  1. Great pictures!Hope you're having a great time :)

  2. Love your outfit! Comfortable and cute.

  3. Great pictures. You look fantastic and happy!

  4. i love the mosaic you are standing in front of in one of the first few photos. i'm so glad you guys finally got to start traveling!

  5. Yippee, you are on your way! I will think of you two while we freeze our cheeks off in SLC.

  6. oh I love Mexico City!
    My husband lived there for a couple years so we are partial to it.
    Are you going to do the pyramids?
    Have you driven in taxi's yet?! They are crazy!

  7. Anonymous11.12.09

    wow, what an interesting blog!

  8. Malia - Yes, we went to the pyramids - there should be a post up about it soon! Since we've been taking the metro everywhere (so cheap!), taxis haven't been necessary yet.

  9. Wow.....beautiful work!!... I saw him on a documentary (not about him) but he spoke and they showed 1-2 paintings...which looked interesting so I googled him...thank you for posting these photos.. beautiful work