Purikura プリクラ - Japanese Photo Booths


Purikura in Akihabara

After some impressive miming and horrendous pronunciation of Japanese words around Akihabara, we were pointed in the right direction and these glorious images were the result. Shut up, they're not creepy at all!

Snapchat (and now Instagram Stories) has essentially rendered the novelty of these obsolete, but I had to do this while we were visiting Japan and dragged Alex along... I want to say he's a good sport but I know he had just as much fun as I did. There is an entire culture surrounding purikura, that has been explained extensively elsewhere, so I'll include a few links below if you're interested in learning more or looking for inspiration to seek out one of the booths during your next trip to Tokyo. The experience of making these photo strips is so much more exciting than gazing into your phone camera.  - Mina 

Purikura in Akihabara







Purikura Wallpaper


** What is Purikura? Some behind the scenes pictures, cost info., and a 360° view **

**How to Purikura Like a Pro**

Allegedly, the "ultimate guide" (I didn't read it)

**A somewhat instructional video**

The screens move fast and you have to follow the posing prompts, then run from the green screen room to the decorating room....

**How to get Purikura on your phone**

(This is obviously complicated if you don't speak Japanese... lucky for me, Alex found it more intuitive than I did and made it happen without instructions)

(˵◕ ɛ ◕˵✿)

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  1. Wow! This look really amazing. Ultimate pictures. Thank you so much for sharing it.
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  2. Hahaha, so funny and cool!