Vision Global WiFi


Park Hotel

During our travels for the last few years, we've been fortunate enough to have access to the internet on one of our phones for free, so getting a WiFi hotspot wasn't a concern. But, when Vision Global WiFi reached out to us, we figured it might be useful for the other phone and were curious to try it out. 

Picking up the little device at Haneda Airport was a breeze and it was really simple to use. The best thing about it was how fast it was - we even opted to use it instead of the WiFi in the hotel since there's no bandwidth cap / FuP. It also came in handy if we went out separately.

When we were heading home, all we had to do was drop it in a bin at the airport. The entire experience was easy. Vision Global WiFi offers their devices in most countries around the world. You can also pick it up at LAX or have it shipped to you at any address in the United States.

Though they've been around for awhile, it wasn't on our radar so maybe you didn't know about them either. You can use the code SP10 at checkout for 10% off for your next trip!

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