HK Itinerary



Next month, we'll be visiting Hong Kong for the first time! Below is a loose, five day itinerary. I say 'loose' because we'd like to be open to unplanned moments. Our stay in Hong Kong actually spans 7 days but we'll be arriving in the evening and leaving in the afternoon, so we're accounting for that (and jet lag). We've never published an itinerary before because we typically prefer spontaneity over a rigid schedule, so things will likely change... but here's what we've got so far:


We've arranged a ride to pick us up at the airport and get us to our accommodations. If we're not totally messed up after the flight, we'd like to explore the area surrounding the hotel. Maybe we'll grab dinner at Three Monkeys because it's within walking distance.  We'll do our best to sleep through the night so that we can be adjusted. (I've read it's a placebo but melatonin tablets have been a lifesaver for me... and not just when traveling).

DAY 1 

Maybe I'm worrying too much about jet lag, but our plan is to have a leisurely first day and just wander around Central Hong Kong Island. 

DAY 2 

We'd like to find somewhere to do high tea for brunch / lunch. There are a few to choose from. If you've been to one, we'd love to hear your review!

DAY 3 

On this day, we're probably going to ride the Peak Tram. I did a search for "when to visit" and Google has a 'Popular Times' dropdown menu, with a chart, right on the search page - so handy! Mondays seem to be the least busy. We're going to buy the HK $85 tickets to get a view from Sky Terrace and try and arrange it so we can see day and night views. Although, we have heard that it's better to take a taxi up to avoid the queue and maybe even save a few dollars. 

DAY 4 

I'm excited to visit the Tian Tan Buddha! It looks so beautiful. We'll be visiting on a holiday so it may be packed with locals in addition to tourists. Fortunately, you can pre-purchase tickets to avoid waiting in line. (There seems to be a theme of me not wanting to wait. Maybe I need a lesson in patience... I just want to see as much as possible!)

DAY 5 

On our last full day, we'll be visiting Kowloon. This is also the day we'll visit the ladies market, goldfish and bird market, and watch the light show at Victoria Harbour in the evening.


Finish packing. Maybe grab breakfast at The Cupping Room - we don't drink coffee but they seem to have familiar breakfast items that might be better than trying something foreign before a flight.

Ride to the airport.

Have you been to Hong Kong? I've made a pinterest board of places I'd like to visit. 
Is there anything we're missing? 

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  1. Awesome! This sounds really fun. THE FOOD!!!
    I hear they have the highest bungee jumping in the world.

    1. There was a moment, when I was 20, where I might have considered bungee jumping, but there's no way I would do it there or anywhere else, now!

      Food was definitely a large contributing factor of choosing our vacation spot this year!

  2. I love HK! Definitely get dimsum while you're there... it's where dimsum originated, so it'll be the best in the world :) Also, you should track down a Hui Lau Shan. It's a dessert place that's really famous for their mango-based desserts, and a must-visit whenever I visit!

    1. Awesome! We'll definitely be trying dim sum.

      Mango is my favourite fruit so I'll add that to the list (even though Alex isn't a fan). Thanks so much for the tips!

  3. Be sure to check out Soho and Central neighbourhoods. We also checked out Stanley by the water. It's a really nice spot to grab a bit to eat & walk around! Causeway Bay is fun to check out as well. Have a great trip! :)

    1. Oh, you probably have a ton of posts from HK! I'm going to check them out this weekend. I like your instagram stalking tip, too. Thanks, Janis!

  4. Have the best time! HK is one of my most favorite places in the world. I once went twice in 1 month!!!!!

    1. Thanks, Andi! I've been unusually nervous about this trip. Good to hear that you had a good time.

  5. Never been to HK but my bf loves it there! I always account for jet lag on my itinerary and departure time. It's always good to have a loose itinerary so you can map out your plans when you get there.

    Have fun!

    1. Yeah, we learned early on that things change and you just get disappointed if you have a strict schedule. I think I'm going to try this for jet lag