montreal botanical garden


Some more photos from our visit to the Montreal Botanical Garden during the summer. We love going for walks here. It's a short metro ride from the downtown area but you really feel like you're a world away. - Mina

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  1. That last photo is so ethereal. So magical. As in, more than dragonflies will appear around that water. That more than humans wander its shores. I really enjoy it. There are some beauteous captures of nature here. It reminds me of the gardens I want to revisit in Indianapolis. So large and pretty ... but I was rushed through them last time. :(

  2. Anonymous10.10.12

    Your pictures/whole blog in general is so, so beautiful. I often find myself daydreaming after seeing your latest post, about travelling to all these amazing places! xx

  3. your photos just get more and more amazing, these are stunning! I want to go to there

  4. Amazing photos - totally great! You just made me want to visit Montréal, hopefully I'll get there one day.
    Must've been a very peaceful atmosphere! The squirrels, the ducks, the dragonfly - iunspiring!!

  5. Gasped more than once... stunning photos!

  6. I miss this place! so beautiful and you're right, it feels like you are transported to a different place.

  7. Yes, I do agree with you, Mina, going for a walk in Montreal Botanical Garden is such a good idea. Actually this Botanical garden became our inspiration when we remodeled our bathroom; we changed the bathroom’s wallpapers into floral designs and added more floral arrangements.

  8. Planning on travelling to Montreal this winter for a Sens/Habs game, and was just looking up other things to do besides hockey and this looks great, do you know if it is open during the winter or not? Thanks for the great pictures!