tree climbing and zip lining


Our visit to Arbraska in Riguad was the most fun I had all summer. I've never heard of anything like this before.... it's like an obstacle course in the trees. Their website describes it as "3 hours of aerial courses of various difficulty levels with courses made of various structures such as monkey wires, climbing nets, suspended bridges, swings and thrilling zip lines that make you progress in the forest canopy." We saw people of all ages there (including a bachelorette party).

Alex and I agreed that it would have been the perfect place to go as a kid or a fun place to take children (there are smaller set ups for them). Kids probably wouldn't be as sore as we were the next day. It's either an incredible workout or I'm disgustingly out of shape (probably a little of column A and a little of column B).

I wasn't planning on documenting the day and left the camera in the car, but we had the iPhone. I'm glad that we ended up with some photos and video. I can't wait to go back next summer.

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  1. Smart you.. I went ziplining last month(SO MUCH FUN) and got one picture.

  2. that might be worth tackling my fear of heights!!

  3. Jill - Alex has a fear of heights and he was okay. You start off small and work your way up to higher platforms, so it's not so bad!

  4. Claire10.9.12

    That video is the cutest!

  5. oh gosh I really want to do one of these, I love zip lines! I love your little videos too, I got a little pocketcam for my birthday and I cant wait to make some of my own.

    I love your new layout btw, it looks great!!

  6. only you could make that helmet look so chic and adorable. this looks like so much fun. I did some zip lining in Argentina and was half terrified/half elated. it has that effect no?