Roomorama graciously offered to sponsor our impromptu weekend getaway to New York City. We couldn't believe that we got this fully furnished studio apartment in Midtown East/Murray Hill. We had stayed in a Roomorama accommodation on a previous vacation, in Paris, and had a really good experience with their service from start to finish.

I found myself browsing the site just to see what was available in different countries. I saw some insanely beautiful and affordable places which just added to my wanderlust.

I wouldn't promote a company if I didn't love it. As expected with any vacation, there were some inconveniences - we couldn't get into the room until 1pm and the host wouldn't budge on an early check-in so we ended up wandering around Grand Central Station and the Museum of Natural History (not a terrible way to spend a morning, but it's nice to freshen up after a long train ride). Also, when we compared to how smoothly the last meeting with the accommodation owner went, we felt that this one fell short. But, we can't complain... especially since you can run into these types of issues when you book a hotel. The difference is, the cost of a Roomorama apartment is usually significantly less than a hotel room. Also, it was New York City - the fact that we got such a large and clean place for the price the unit was advertised for was pretty surprising. We even had a kitchen!

Recently, we took a trip to Ottawa and I was hoping that we could use Roomorama. Unfortunately, there didn't seem to be any listings there but I did find this gorgeous lakeside cottage. Wouldn't it be fun to stay somewhere like this with a bunch of friends? I like the idea of renting out these unique properties for a change from the usual. 

I'd love to hear if you've had any experience with Roomorama rentals - it's always nice to get first-hand accounts from other travelers.

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  1. I was also looking on Roomorama for a place in Ottawa this summer with no luck! Too bad that lovely cottage is out of reach.

  2. What a beautiful room!!...And the other prices for the other locations are kinda fabulous too!...Until seeing your post before, I had never heard of Roomorama. I'll definitely be passing the knowledge along though!

  3. Margot27.6.12

    Sweet digs! I haven't heard of Roomorama either. I'm going to Paris this summer and am going to try to stay at the place you guys stayed at. Thank you for the info!!

  4. so beautiful,what a lovely room:)

  5. Nor me. Great tip. Thanks.

  6. I rented a room with Roomorama in Thailand last month and it was really great! I really needed some RandR and this place was so nice that I didn't have to feel bad about laying in bed being lazy :)

    I think this service would be even better in an expensive place like New York, great post!

  7. Frank2.12.12

    Just looking at the picture makes me feel relaxed and envious at the same time. Looks like I'll be doing a lot of redecorating at my apartment in central london soon enough.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. It is true that the photo may want to drag you into the scene and have a great time. And because of this, I have already reserved myself one of the gold coast accommodation specials to have a great holiday.

  10. Do you have anything showing a nice room at one of the hotels near green park? I'm looking for an alternative to our usual place.

  11. Anonymous29.1.13

    I love postcards if they are an accommodation freebies. I remember getting some during my stay in hotels in luton. Nice place and good vibes.

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