yippee! back to nyc.


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We're taking a little trip to New York in a couple of days and we're looking forward to re-visiting some of our favourite places: UCB, Rice to Riches, The MoMa, see more Broadway shows, and eat more NYC pizza.

One of the best things about having this blog is all the awesome suggestions we've received from strangers. I always respond to emails from people who read this thing and want recommendations for the cities we've visited... and I hope that we've paid it forward and helped plan trips for you guys by writing about the places we go.  I'm not getting too annoying by asking for tips again, am I? I think we've got restaurants more than covered but can't decide which shows to choose.

I'm also really hoping that we can get tickets to The Daily Show or The Colbert Report - seeing Jimmy Fallon was so much fun. I could die happy if I catch Louis CK's stand-up live, but haven't seen any recent tour dates.

So, got anything cool we should know about?

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  1. Colbert Report, Book of Mormon and Shake Shack in Madison Square Garden. Walk the High Line if it's nice.

    Enjoy it! We love living here :)

  2. Stevie Leigh - I can't believe I still haven't been to Shake Shack. I'll try to make it a priority! ...and thanks for the tip about the High Line, I hope the weather cooperates. Thank you!

  3. B'WAY: War Horse, Once (based on the film), Venus in Fur, Sister Act, Rock of Ages, The Book of Mormon. Can't go wrong with Wicked. A few shows begin previews next week, including both Newsies and Evita.

    OFF B'WAY: Sleep No More

    I highly recommend checking out The Brooklyin Flea and Smorgasburg.

  4. eavesdropping on this post :)
    will be crossing the big pond next week and visit NYC too!

  5. I've never been to NYC so please share your photos and tips afterwards!

  6. I second the High Line. Even if it's not nice weather. I also second Smorgasburg and Brooklyn Flee. Diego Rivera at the MoMA. Museum of the Moving Image (unfortunately the Jim Henson exhibit just wrapped).

    You guys chose a great time to come, it was 70º here yesterday!

  7. We just got back from NYC...don't miss Ladurée (posted on it today)!

  8. Karin9.3.12

    If you do go to the High Line, don't miss Chelsea Market - some great food and specialty stores inside. The sushi and chowder at the Lobster Place are especially good.

  9. Love your blog. I've been reading for over a year now. I love your pics but mostly it's nice to see people happily married! Have fun in NY!

  10. Book of Mormon is the best thing on broadway right now but nearly impossible to get tickets to! Sleep No More is amazing too, but also needs advance for tickets. Amazing new play is Death of a Salesman, then Seminar is great and if you want fun musical How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying is great! We're supposed to have great weather this week in the 60s so enjoy it! I agree with the others a trip to highline is a must as well is shake shack and a stop in at Eataly right on Madison Square Park if you haven't been there yet. Have fun in NYC!

  11. Just found out your blog and from what I've seen I really like it... fantastic photos, and amazing places...
    Thanks for sharing and will follow :)


  12. How exciting! Yay for NYC pizza and Broadway shows! I'm making my move back to the city in May from LA, and I can't wait! Hope you had a lovely time! :)

  13. Mina, if you like doughnuts, the doughnut plant!
    If you are into Asian food, momofuku's chain of restaurants and I always love the Union Square Market. Have fun!