First Night in Marrakesh


the view from our room

Our arrival in Marrakesh was late at night, which always makes me feel slightly more disoriented than I already am when arriving in a foreign country. But, we were lucky that the owner of our accommodations arranged a ride for us, from the train station, and it was quick and comfortable. We discussed staying in a Riad, but decided on a short-term apartment rental instead. It was in Gueliz - the newer, less hectic, part of Marrekech.

The apartment was owned by a friendly young guy who owned a few other properties and was very professional. We talked with him for awhile about his life, how he lived in Dubai for some years before starting his business in Marrakech, and used the chat as an opportunity to learn the local price for essentials like water (important to know when visiting a country where fixed prices are rare).

A quick perusal of the tv channels included the predictable lineup of Arabic soap operas, camel racing, and dubbed "western" films. After studying the guidebook and charging our camera, we settled into bed looking forward to what Marrakesh had to offer.

bedroom in marrakech

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  1. Anonymous23.1.12

    Hi guys! I love Marrakesh and I strongly recommend you a Riad for your next visit! Anyway, your blog is adorable!

  2. metalmichi - There were so many beautiful looking Riads, but at the end of the day it came down to cost. We really didn't spend much time inside... so we're glad we didn't spend a lot on accommodations!

  3. Looks like a lovely place! Looking forward to see Marrakech through your lens :)

  4. Liz S.23.1.12

    Looks like a great place to stay! Must have been nice to have a fridge and stove.

  5. A friend of mine told me that we (me and my boyfriend Chris) should go to Marrakech for our "honey moon" 'cause it's a such lovely place!
    Do you think? Mina and Alex Please suggest me...the most beautiful place that you've seen is....
    " The most beautiful sea hasn't been crossed yet" Nazim Hikmet

  6. Gizeta - It is really beautiful and we had such a nice time. I think it could be a really nice honeymoon destination... but it depends on what kind of honeymoon you want! We were constantly on the move, it was a very busy holiday... so no time for relaxation. But, I suppose you could make time and get a couples massage at a hammam or something. The weather was delightful. There are so many amazing restaurants with delicious food. Anyway, we'll be posting a million photos so you can make a decision based on whether you think what we did looks like fun or not!

  7. that apartment is beutiful... I am fully jealous!

  8. What a gorgeous apartment! How long are you staying in Marrakech?

  9. Thank you Mina! I'll give a look to your photos and hope to decide also if is not so simple!

  10. Anonymous20.2.12

    The apartment is exquisite & so are your photos. I'm going to Marrakech in April but I think I'll be staying in a riad. I have considered an apartment as well though.

  11. This is great place to live-so adorable! Thanks for sharing!