steak frites


Before leaving Brussels, we knew we needed to have that velvety smooth mayo one last time. Since we wanted something a little bit more substantial than just french fries, we went looking for a sit-down restaurant. However, because we wanted to have an early dinner, it seemed impossible to find anything that was open.

We don't understand how people in Brussels can get away with closing their stores/restaurants really early and also for large periods during day. What's their secret? After some aimless walking, we found Le Cap, a small restaurant that was just opening up for dinner.

It had been so long since either of us had a proper steak, so we both ordered the same dish - sorry, vegetarians and cows. If it wasn't for well prepared filet mignons, we think it would a lot easier for us to give up meat.

Steak frites is a really popular meal in both France and Belgium. A few years ago, it seemed that you could only find this dish on a bistro menu, but lately we've seen it everywhere. What you don't see everywhere is this beautiful mayo:

The meal was lovely and the service at this restaurant was wonderful compared to the last one - so we left happy and fatter than when we came in.

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  1. I ate steak frites at a bistro in Paris! You look pretty.

  2. YUM! At home (Scotland) restaurants don't open until dinner time, around 5pm. I always find it weird that food places are open all day here.

    If you make it to Scotland I'll recommend you go to Montrose and to The Little Mermaid fish and chip shop and that you get a Pizza Crunch with mayo. Yummmmm!

  3. oh boy, that is some velvety, fatty goodness.

    When we were in Barcelona we had a very early flight the next day so wanted to try and eat early. We walked around for an hour and could not find a place that opened until 8:30! And that was EARLY.

  4. I will order Steak frites every. time.

  5. There is nothing better! Yum!

  6. Anonymous10.8.10