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We had visited Dubai last year (where we got engaged!), and it has a lot more to offer in terms of tourist attractions than Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi has ambitious plans to become the "cultural capital" of the middle east. With satellite branches of the Louvre and the Guggenheim set to open in the next few years, they just might succeed. Whereas Dubai's economy is based primarily on trade and tourism, Abu Dhabi is oil rich and recently had to provide Dubai with a financial bailout. Right now it seems that Abu Dhabi is better suited as a business destination, rather than a tourist destination. The on-going rivalry with Dubai will ensure that the tourism infrastructure will be quickly developed though, so that they aren't left behind.

After visiting Ski Dubai, we thought that the skating rink at the Marina Mall would be quite the sight. We were sadly disappointed, as it was comically pathetic:

Our jet lag may have kept us from researching all of our options as tourists, but it didn't seem like there was any obvious sights or activities apart from visiting the Emirates Palace Hotel:

Our primary goal during our short stay in Abu Dhabi was just to relax before taking on South Africa. The city provided us with warm weather and plenty of camel racing on TV. We're looking forward to going back, one day, when all of their plans come to fruition.

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  1. What beautiful pictures!

  2. just looked through the entire dubai album on flickr! amazing pictures!

    btw, I have been trying to figure out for weeks which actress Mina looks like. I had someone in the back of my mind the entire time but just now thought of it :) Riley (Jessica Lucas) from the new Melrose Place!

    Bikinis & Passports

  3. Mina! We have the same bangs!!! Long live the mega bang!! Do you blow dry yours with a round brush too?

    haha sorry i know that was random.

  4. Hey, thanks for the comment on my Disney World post! Your blog is so cute... the idea of running away from life to travel the world is so romantic. From the looks of it, you're going to be visiting Florida sooner or later!

  5. Very cool - I have never even thought of visiting there!

    Your blog is super cute- I am a new follower and can't wait to read more!

  6. All of these photos are beautiful, as is the city they're taken of. One of the many places I'd love to go when I travel someday; it's so, so, lovely and architechtually full of wonder and wonder yet to come. Stinks that the ice rink wasn't as great as you expected. :[ But the hotel looks crazy-awesome and like I said, LOVED the photos you took of it. <3
    - L

  7. I just can't get over how amazing what you guys are doing is. You are so incredibly lucky.