wait a minute mister postman


Postcards have been sent to people from every spot we've visited thus far! We've sent some to family, friends, and some nice strangers who have sent us some really informative emails.

If you've been following our journey for awhile, you may remember that we solicited some suggestions for our 'wanderlist'. We promised a postcard to those who recommended something that shows up on our list. We'll be contacting those of you who are getting one! Feel free to keep sending us suggestions for our list. Our favorite was to try zip-lining - which we ended up doing in Nicaragua!

Here's our updated list:

1. Learn to Scuba Dive
4. Visit all 7 continents
5. Skydive
6. Drive around a country in a campervan
7. Sing Karaoke in Japan
8. Learn 'Hello' in as many languages as possible
9. Take Dance Lessons
10. Go on an African Safari
11. Volunteer Abroad
12. Study Yoga in an Ashram
13. Whitewater Rafting
14. Ride an Elephant
15. Go on a cruise in the Galapagos Islands
16. Participate in a flash mob
17. Hike the Inca Trail up to Machu Picchu
19. Learn to Surf (sort of...)
20. Attend Burning Man
21. Be an extra in a Bollywood movie
22. Eat an insect (by accident while eating dates. GROSS)
23. Go Zorbing
24. Join a huge choreographed dance (See here & here)
25. Try CouchSurfing, at least once
26. Learn to ride motorcycle
27. Go Sailing
28. Swim with dolphins
30. Run a Marathon in another country
31. Climb a volcano
32. See one of the remaining Beatles live
33. Go Zip-lining
34. Volunteer with the Let's Colour Project (thanks Katie!)

If you know the best places in the world to do some of the items that aren't crossed off, we'd love to hear from you. We're looking forward to adding some things we haven't thought of !

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  1. How about the "big tomato fight" in Spain?


  2. If you make it to Dublin I'll buy you both a pint of Guinness, that's a promise.

  3. Anonymous3.3.10

    if you want to go sailing ilhabela in brazil is a popular spot for sailors!!!

  4. you guys haven't been to NY yet?? I grew up there, and you HAVE to go to times square. there's just no place like it (and while you're there, you can go to the empire state building, which isn't too far away). I live in orange county, california now and if you guys ever want to go to disneyland, just say the word.

  5. This may be the greatest blog! What an amazing adventure to spend with your husband. I'm exited to keep reading. Thanks for the comment on my blog.

  6. Can I post to say please don't swim with dolphins? I hate being a downer, but they aren't meant to be in captivity and the entire business is so, so shady. Do a little research. Unless the dolphins just happen to swim past you in the ocean, then it's cool!

  7. oktoberfest in germany? running of the bulls in pamplona..

  8. How about to swim in each of the seven seas, scuba dive in Micronesia, and/or stomp grapes in Tuscany.

  9. Alice @ KL3.3.10

    Hey you! I would recommend 1) to stay in a traditional house with the family in one of the numerous tribes of Borneo (unforgottable!) 2) to have a drink during sunset on one of the roof top bars in Bangkok (in luxurious skyscraper hotels) 3) to cycle among the amazing Angkor Wat ruins in Cambodia 4) to go trekking on the Great Wall in China... Enjoy ;-)

  10. you can couchsurf anywhere, but the best place might be in India where I came across the best hosts.
    You could also surf with me :) if you guys ever make it to Korea.

    Love your blog!! What a neat idea.

  11. I would love to receive a postcard from you two darling, lucky world travelers! :)
    Here are a few of my suggestions...visit Tibet. Sing/entertain people in an Underground/Subway in a metropolitan area. Go skiing/snowboarding in one of Utah's resorts. Go on Shackleton's Expedition! Antarctica! That's where I want to go!

  12. HI!

    What about the highest and fastest rollercoaster? In Europe, the highest rollercoaster is in "Europapark Rust". Truly an adventure and so much fun.

    Really love your blog. Thanks for sharing these amazing pictures.

  13. Anonymous4.3.10

    Oh lucky! I'm sadly contemplating chores and work tomorrow. Hope the rest of your adventures go well!

    + pixelhazard has moved to www.brightgreenlaces.com due to FTP blogger issues. Hope I'll still be seeing you there

  14. Hmm, the best place to learn to SCUBA dive in Roatan in Honduras (super cheap and beautiful), but you've already been to Central America. The Red Sea is suppose to be amazing too, just don't know the prices.

    I have always, always wanted to run the marathon on the Great Wall of China. I think it would be quite grueling, but looks aweseme. The next one is 15 May 2010 - here's the website:

    That's all I can think of. Oh, and the Greek Islands are great for motorcycle riding - or moped riding. You can zip all around the winding mountainous roads - and visit Zeus's birthplace.

  15. I love love love your blog! I saw that you want to go sailing. Have you ever been to Greece before? I went sailing in Greece a few years ago and loved it!! We took a catamaran to about 14 different islands for 2 weeks. I definitely recommend it. Have a great time!

  16. You should try to combine as many of those goals as possible, i.e. participate in a flash mob while taking dance lessons in a shark cage.

    I can understand most of the items on this list, but the shark cage thing is insane. Yes, let's voluntarily taunt a massive, deadly animal while in an environment that requires assisted breathing. What are you, Steve Irwin?

    That being said, I wouldn't even swim with dolphins, and I sure as hell wouldn't go SCUBA diving. Everything under the water is a freak of nature that wants to murder you. You understand this, yes?

    As for former Beatles to see live, you should probably go with Ringo. His show is undoubtedly cheaper/easier to get tickets for.

  17. what an amazing list - i would definitely add the oktoberfest in germany like olive juice said above...

    also paul mccartney is on tour right now :) i think he plays in puerto rico in april!

  18. "Be an extra in a Bollywood movie" is my favorite thing on this list!! But I have to say I am with you on going sailing.. that's been on my list for a while now! Gotta do that soon! xo

  19. Anonymous4.3.10

    Wow, what a great list. Most people don't get to do half of the things listed on here. You guys are really having such a cool lifetime experience.

  20. Kelly K.5.3.10

    Alex and Mina: Can either of you speak French? I was just wondering since you were both from Canada and a lot of Canadians speak both French and English!

  21. Wow, thanks to everyone for the awesome suggestions. We really appreciate your ideas + links.
    It'll take us a while to figure out which ones we can feasibly add to our list, but we promise we will contact you eventually re: a postcard.

    Philip - I can only commit to a sip, but Alex says he's game.

    mollymouse - We did an 11 hour layover in NYC, and we have a post about it coming soon!

    Felicity - We went out of our way in the original Wanderlist to say that we wanted to make sure our elephant ride was done ethically. We should have clarified the swimming with the dolphins in a similar manner. Thanks for pointing that out. We were hoping we'd have the chance to swim with them in the wild while visiting the Galápagos, but it didn't happen.

    Travel Addict - Email your couchsurfing profile to us! Korea is definitely on our list of places we'd like to visit.

    Sam - I think we're going to do the shark cage thing here, in Cape Town. I am actually terrified of the smallest fish so... it's just Alex that's crazy. Also, I'm sure Ringo tickets have gotten cheaper since he's gone crazy ("I'm warning you! ... with peace and love")

    stephanie - I know that Paul McCartney is touring right now because I have an unhealthy obsession with him, but it's hard to know where we'll be months from now so we're reluctant to buy tickets. If anyone wants to give us tickets we'll gladly take them and find a way to make it where ever he is!

    Kelly K. - Alex speaks French fairly well, although he is quite modest about it. I know the basic standard phrases and all the words from the bilingual packaging and food labels.

  22. Hey you two. Loving the last few post these days. Your pictures are turning out so well. Anyways, I just got a comment the other day saying you used one of my ideas (the zip line) so here is my e-mail


    Looking forward to reading more of your adventures.

  23. Lauren8.3.10

    There are two temples in Kyoto, Japan that I would highly recommend (since you'll be karaokeing in Japan, anyway)...Kyomizudera and Kinkakuji. I would definitely add taking in a tea ceremony at Kinkakuji to your list. This temple is the golden pavilion (completely encased in gold leafing) and they serve tea cakes with gold leaf, which is kind of special. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kinkaku-ji

    you guys seem to be having an amazing time!

    take care!

    Lauren(from ACU)

  24. Wow - insanely jealous of your adventures :)

    How about sea kayaking on the Turkish coast? In Kas, Turkey you can kayak over a sunken city right over the ancient mosaics. It was one of my most favorite (and challenging, it was windy) experiences.

    A couple people have mentioned Utah - I can't say enough about Zion National Park. One of the most gorgeous national parks. Try canyoneering - so much fun!

  25. Awesome list, on an awesome blog! Excited to have found it and to follow your adventures!

  26. Hot air balloon ride!

  27. Donna-Lee Fancy23.3.10

    Fantastic blog! We're envious! We live in Saskatoon and hope to do our own RTW in 2012! If I can add a suggestion... I completely agree with "theluckyone" on the hot air balloon ride and it MUST be done in Cappadocia Turkey! You will LOVE Turkey!!! :)

  28. If you make it to ireland, definetly kiss the blarney stone. Fun tradition! oh and eat gelato in Italy (specifically pistachio flavored)

  29. Anonymous12.4.10

    ride a camel up Mt. Sinai if you ever make it back to Egypt! While you're in the region, float in the Dead Sea - best experiences of my life thus far! Also, ride elephants in Jaipur, India and while you are there you could volunteer at a school for girls =)

  30. If you do come to India, I will make sure your both items on the list are struck out ;)
    Just found your blog.So interesting !!