isabela part dos


Isabela Island was formed by the merger of 6 shield volcanoes. All but one of the volcanoes are still active, which makes it one of the most volcanically active places in the world. These photos might give you a feel of what the island was like.

As usual, the food was revolting. It was really disappointing that we weren't able to try more authentic, local food. Perhaps we just didn't know where to go in Puerto Ayora, but on Isabela, we were on a guided tour - so we didn't have a choice.

There were 100% too many boat rides during our time on the Galápagos Islands. Although the views are gorgeous, we think we're going to try to avoid the bumpy ocean rides for a while.

If you're thinking of going to the Galápagos Islands, we highly recommend staying at the Galápagos Suites. It is a lovely B&B and the owners really take pride in the property and the service they provide. We really can't say enough about how much we loved the place, but you can always send us a message!

Next stop: Miami!

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  1. what a cute bog, absolutely love the idea and I love that you broke out of the routine trap and did something insanely spontaneous and amazing!

    D e g a i n e

  2. These photos are wonderful!! I love reading about your travels and adventures!! xo

  3. miami! why do i think coming back to the states is "cheating" ? haha this isnt a game! :)

  4. These photos are stunning!
    Lovely blog!
    And thanks so much for your kind comments!
    Hope you have a great Thursday!