groceries in guayaquil


From the small, family-owned corner stores to large chain super markets, we love grocery shopping anywhere while traveling. Yes, grocery shopping. You find the most unusual things:

Maybe it's wrong to make fun of the culturally different items... but some of the stuff we find keeps us quite amused.

We searched online to find a reason as to why these Japanese peanuts, in Ecuador, were called 'Manitoba' (the province in Canada that we're from) and couldn't find a suitable explanation.

There have also been several occasions where we have purchased various items that we wish existed back home. Also, we know it's common in a lot of places - but, buying wine that's next to a bag of Doritos seems wrong.

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  1. About the peanuts - mani is the word for peanut in many Latin American countries - can´t help with the "toba" though. Good luck!

  2. ah i love your blog also.

    Inspired by the great postcard romance book," griffin and sabine" I also made the transition from "single sending postcards" to married sending postcards.

    do you send each other surprise postcards as you travel? they are alway fun to come home to.


  3. Grocery shopping is fun! and I love that BIMBO bread, that's so funny

  4. I just discovered your blog... and it is so inspiring to see that the two of you have turned to a life of vagabonding! thats so cool... :)

  5. Mmmmm....Definitely pick up some Tangos while you're Ecuador! Those things are so yummy :)

  6. haha! we bought a bag of bimbo bread in colorado last summer. i was amused by it as well! took pictures, but never blogged about it!

    loving your adventures!

  7. So funny to see what you find in other grocery stores! Your blog is SO exciting!!

  8. Anonymous20.2.10

    Oh! Those Manitoba peanuts cracked me up the first time I saw them (It's okay to laugh at them because I am sure the name started as a joke), did you know there's also Venezuelan chocolates called Toronto? Manitoba peanuts covered in sugar are <3

  9. Anonymous21.2.10

    I never really thought about it, but you're absolutely correct. Grocery stores in foreign countries do have really unique and strange things.

  10. Benjamin - Thanks for the info! I think we've given up trying to figure it out!!

    'Xander - Nope, no postcards for us - just family, friends and some bloggers. We sold our house so there's no address to send one to.

    three critters - I wish I had seen those chocolates.

    Des - We found THE BEST (and by best, I mean weirdest) stuff in Abu Dhabi. Stay tuned!