the galápagos islands


Our adventures in the Galápagos Islands started with a short flight from Guayaquil. The following photo, taken through a scratched airplane window during the landing, doesn't do justice to the brilliant aquamarine colour of the water. It was unlike anything we had ever seen.

The Galápagos Islands are an archipelago of 15 volcanic islands located off the coast of Ecuador. To visit you need to pay a park fee and adhere to a series of rules (cleaning your shoes when transiting between islands, among other things). Although it's possible to take a cruise to the Galápagos, we chose to fly to the island and visit them independently. San Cristóbal and Santa Cruz are two of the more popular islands and both have rudimentary airports.

The airport for Santa Cruz is actually located on the island of Baltra (pictured below on the map). A free bus from the airport takes you to a ferry bound for Santa Cruz Island. Eighty cents and 2 minutes later, the ferry had shuttled us across the canal separating the two islands.

The trip across the canal gave us our first glimpse of the amazing landscape. We were treated to a view of lush green vegetation, black volcanic rock, and, up-close, the turquoise water was even more vivid than it was from up in the sky.

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  1. Ok. The Galapagos islands are most definitely on my list of things to do! It looks awesome! I absolutely love that you guys are having such fun adventures and sharing them. When I one day find a man, I hope he's on board for some awesome adventures like this!

  2. Are you kidding me?! This is the place I've always wanted to go ever since ninth grade and watching a video about Darwin. I'm SO jealous. This place looks like a dream.

  3. Anonymous27.2.10

    wow the water in the last picture i mean its amazing!!!i heard soo much about the galapagos islands :D i hope you guys enjoy your time there!!!


  4. the galapagos islands look amazing, lucky you, what an exciting adventure!! I've actually been the quito but never any further than that!! have a great time in paradise!!!

  5. Anonymous28.2.10

    I love following your blog (although I've never commented before.) You guys take such gorgeous pictures of your travels. I can't wait to start traveling once I'm out of school.

    A friend of mine is going to Ecuador for spring break! Did you get to see any of Darwin's finches?

  6. the scientist in me is geeking out. how incrediable!

  7. felicia - Probably, but we saw so many birds that we couldn't keep track of most of the names. Bird post tomorrow (Mar 6)!

  8. Travel as much as you can whan you are young-GO FOR IT!!

  9. I love your blog! Just found it in a search engine. I have a question...How did you get your plane tickets from Guayaquil to the Galapagos? I have been trying to get tickets to fly from Guayaquil to the island but every website I've been on won't let me book them so I was curious how you got your tickets so I can book them asap! Thank you! :)

  10. Reima - The two airlines that fly to the Galapagos are TAME ( and Aerogal ( We bought our tickets in Guayaquil at an Aerogal office. I believe you can buy tickets over the phone from both companies.