san josé


We didn’t find the capital of Costa Rica terribly interesting. Despite the fact that the city center is very pedestrian friendly, it was overcrowded and had little to offer in terms of interesting sights. We did come across a square filled with hundreds of pigeons. It reminded Mina of a scene from Mary Poppins - there was even a weird lady selling bread.

The only highlight of our stop in San José was a little restaurant called Limoncello, where they served excellent Italian dishes and had the best service we’ve experienced since we’ve started traveling. If you’re ever stuck in San José it’s a great option for a consistently good meal at a reasonable price.

Luckily, we loved the rest of our time in Costa Rica.

- Alex

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  1. that is exactly what i thought when i saw the photo of the pigeons!
    that's too bad that san jose didn't find you well. better luck at your next stop!

  2. The first thing I thought when I saw the pigeons was: "OMG, gross! Don't let your child TOUCH them!" Pigeons are disgusting.

    Get out of that town!

  3. I love the first picture. Super much.

  4. I have a feeling I'd have loved seeing all the pigeons. :)

  5. lots of fluttering wings and sharp beaks. :-O lovely pics, though! looking forward to hearing yer costa rica story!

  6. Anonymous30.1.10

    To me San Jose is just for the airport and getting a night's sleep before you hit the road and get to the real magic of Costa Rica. You don't want to spend a lot of time there. The rest of the country is great!

  7. Mina... you must go to La Fortuna and do a jungle hike, then see the active volcano. I love Costa Rica and want to take my hubby back there. I took a trip to Costa Rica two years ago and surprised my cousin and two friends by deciding on going the day before they left... also, Manuel Antonio is great too!! There are so many places I want to see, so I will have to head back!! Safe and fun travels to you!! xo