posada azul


Sometimes it's difficult finding accommodations when we're on the road. When planning a vacation you typically only have to focus on one place and have a lot of time. Constantly scouring tripadvisor for reviews and researching places can become very tedious - especially when there's a deadline. Before heading to Nicaragua, we found a spot that seemed to be perfect, but unfortunately there was a misunderstanding with the owner. He referred us to Posada Azul - which was the spot we had those great breakfasts every morning.

Several of the places we've researched in Central America are overpriced and pretty sketch. It's hard to know if you're going to be happy with a place until you see it. Posada Azul was no frills - but it was spacious, clean, and they had a book exchange and a sweet pool.

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  1. Oh!
    That pool is heaven!

    I want to see a map of where your plan! Or are you keeping it a secret? Just a basic itinerary!

  2. darrrlng!

    help me find a situation similar to yours please?

    handsome man on the arm, traveling all around the world..

    just beautiful.


  3. Anonymous26.1.10

    How on earth do you afford a travel adventure like this?! I'm so jealous and I'd love to hear more of the behind-the-scenes...!

  4. "How on earth do you afford a travel adventure like this?!"

    They were pretty well-off to begin with, but they've been planning this for a long time and were presumably saving lots of money leading up to it ...plus they sold off their gargantuan mansion of a house before they left on the trip.

    It's not really a mystery.

  5. Jason - No secret, we just don't really have an itinerary. We were going to go to Peru, but due to a quake there we've had to come up with a new plan. No point making an itinerary if we have to change it all the time!

    Anonymous - We're working on a frequently asked questions page to address more of the "behind-the-scenes" details

    Sam - Thanks for fielding questions for us, despite your reckless use of hyperbole.

  6. Haha. I actually assumed you would delete my comment due to my "reckless use of hyperbole."

    That question is just one of the many things that confuses me about some of the comments I see on your blog, though...

    I think the early posts on here (i.e. stuff about selling your house, quitting your jobs, etc.) make it pretty clear that the answer to "how did they do this?" is "we saved up a bunch of money and also sold our house and a lot of our belongings."