We were first introduced to chilaquiles at The Red Tree House. They served it for breakfast one morning, and to be honest, we were like WTF. Nachos for breakfast? Prior to starting this trip, we had agreed that we would try new things - so, we ate it. It's not that it wasn't good, it's just that we're ethnocentric and thought it was strange as a breakfast food.

While discussing the oddity of the meal with one of the employees, we discovered that it is considered a hangover food. We thought Mexico City was the last time we would ever see chilaquiles and we were glad.

Little did we know that they would serve it again at Casa Ollin. We knew what to expect this time, and were surprised that we actually enjoyed it (we were not hungover).

This breakfast is served in Mexico and parts of Central America. It consists of taco chips, a tomato sauce (red or green), and usually chicken (sometimes an egg).

While in Antigua, it was on the menu at our favorite cafe and we ordered it to fuel up for our volcano trek. I don't think this will become a staple in our diets, but if we ever have the chance to order them again, we won't think twice!

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  1. I wish they served chilaquiles for breakfast near me! I've had them before and I LOVE them!

    As always, thanks for sharing your experiences with us.


  2. I love chilaquiles!! It's not only hangover food, my friends and I used to have chilaquiles every other day when we were in college.
    Actually, I guess that having a class at 7 am feels a bit like being hungover, so it makes sense...

    Guatemala looks great!! I look forward to the next stop in your trip!

  3. Interesting! I've never had them before but I'm sure I could find them at a Mexican restaurant here since it is Texas and all. BTW, I have to say that when I first came across your blog it was so funny to me because I am a brown girl dating a scruffy white guy too. My middle name is even Mina ;-)

  4. Anonymous14.1.10

    They have these at Luna Park in San Fran... for anyone that is near by who wants to try them :)

  5. He looks so handsome with his chilaquiles

  6. yum I love chilaquiles! I bet the ones I have had in the U.S. aren't nearly as good as the ones you've had though!

  7. mmm i love chilquiles with egg

  8. I've never tried chilquiles... looks like the PERFECT hangover food though!

    Have a great weekend xx

  9. That's a great photo!

  10. what a fun blog you have!!
    thanks so much for visiting

  11. i absolutely love chilaquiles... especially with an egg on top.

    One of the best parts of traveling is getting to try new foods!

  12. Thanks for your comment on my blog, I appreciate!

    Those Chilaquiles look so good. Since I'm Korean, we never really had traditional breakfast food in my family. So I can pretty much eat anything for breakfast - nachos, chocolate cake, sushi. In fact, this morning, I had a Chicken pot pie for breakfast! :)

  13. Maybe not traditional breakfast food, but I sure wouldn't mind waking up to that!

  14. re: the third comment...Alex is hardly "scruffy."

    re: chilaquiles... nachos for breakfast sounds amazing.

  15. this is a fabulous picture of alex! you're one lucky lady mina!

  16. Wow, I had no idea so many people would have heard of chilaquiles already! I guess we were just out of the loop. ...I really like this photo of Alex too. :)

  17. Claire ( & iheartwiki - I didn't have a chance to try it with egg on top, but maybe next time. I've always regretted not trying pizza with an egg on it in Japan.

    Sam - Nachos for breakfast is as good as it sounds. As your lawyer I advise you to try it.

  18. adler19.1.10

    chilaquiles are served/prepared differently depending on where you are. I have prepared mine as there are there in the photo, but have also prepared and been served chilaquiles differently. I grew up on these and they were a treat that my dad would make for me on weekends and I LOVED/LOVE them sooo much!

    I suggest you try chilaquiles more than once and see/taste the differences.