the red tree house


alex at the red  tree house

When we were looking to book our accommodations for Mexico City, The Red Tree House seemed to be the best choice based on it's glowing Tripadvisor reviews. In addition to our cute room and patio, every detail of the rest of the house was fantastic.

We can say, with confidence, that the only place to stay in Mexico City is The Red Tree House. It doesn't matter that we haven't experienced another accommodation there, we can't imagine finding anywhere better.

statues at the red tree house

The owners and all of the staff genuinely care about your well-being and were incredibly helpful. From providing us with restaurant recommendations, to printing maps, to arranging transportation, we felt as if we could depend on them for anything.


Every evening, after a day of sightseeing, we could relax in the spacious living room where there would be lovely music and lighting to set the ambiance. We met several other travelers and swapped travel tips. Bonus: there's a player piano!

On our last day there, we learned that The Red Tree House would be unveiling some of Carlito Dalceggio's work, the following night. Dalceggio is a French-Canadian painter who has a studio in Mexico City. We watched them set up, and then got to view all the paintings prior to the unveiling! It was interesting to be able to meet the artist and chat with him about the mediums he used and what the paintings mean to him.

carlito dalceggio
carlito dalceggio painting

Thanks to everyone at the Red Tree House for making the start of our trip so comfortable and memorable!

the red tree house

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  1. It looks like such a lovely place! It's the people that transform a nice place to stay into something extra-special.

    Have a wonderful christmas!

    Saskia x

  2. what a cute place!! and the doggie makes it even better!!

  3. That place looks great! I love Trip Adviser!! I'm so happy your first stay place was fantastic - it makes traveling so much better.

  4. Anonymous22.12.09

    I hope that you both have a very happy holiday season.

  5. Anonymous22.12.09

    Those are such gorgeous paintings!

  6. Ernesto22.12.09

    Hola Mina Y Alex, thanks for the post. Sorry for not sending the bike pics before. I'm not in DF now. Week off at Yucatan getting crazy amounts of sunshine despite forecasts. Trusting the locals. Enjoy Chiapas and Guatemala. Felices fiestas.
    Be in touch,


  8. Wow, that looks amazing! What a great find, and thanks so much for sharing. All the best for your travels, and Merry Christmas!

  9. Anonymous23.12.09

    Beautiful blog and might I just add what a handsome couple you guys are !

    Keep living and blogging your travels for others who can only dream !

    Have a very Merry Christmas !

  10. Anonymous23.12.09

    p.s It was exciting to read that you guys studied at U of M , I am contemplating about doing my exchange studies at U of M because my uni in England is currently in partnership with them .

    Best wishes !