A few items we'll be bringing with us.

Gregory Z30 Daypack

This bag is really comfortable. 
We especially liked the 3D mesh back venting that will keep us cool in hot climates.

MEC Brio 60 Expedition Pack

This is our primary storage bag. 
It has excellent reviews from MEC members and it was a great price.

Extra Buckles

They take up very little space and will come in handy if the existing ones snap.

MEC First Aid Bag

A little organizational bag for us assemble our own First Aid kit. We threw in some band-aids, various drugs, and this:

Adventure Medical Kits - Single Use Suture Syringe

Since we'll be traveling to developing countries, spending $20 on a sterile syringe may save us a lot of trouble.

MEC Mac Computer Sleeve

It's actually made for the Macbook, but it accommodates the Air nicely.

Adventure Towl

We're not too sure why 'towel' is spelled incorrectly, but it's a great product. We each bought one. They are quite large but roll up to a size that doesn't take up nearly as much space as a regular towel would. The micro-fibre terry cloth material is antimicrobial and easily absorbs wetness and dries quickly.

On Sight Traveler's Mosquito Shelter

This came in a carry bag and is a little large. We debated whether we should purchase it or not. In the end, we decided that lugging around one of these beats getting malaria.

Black Diamond Wiz Headlamp
Not all places in the world are fortunate enough to have uninterrupted power so a headlamp would provide us the necessary light we would need for reading, packing, etc.. Yes, this was the tackiest headlamp at MEC. It was also the best price when compared to others that had similar features. We could have spent more to get a grey or black one, but if you're wearing a headlamp, you're not trying to be cool anyway.

MEC Rain Cover for back packs

It's waterproof and has a draw-string closure so it doesn't flap in the wind. 
It may come in handy.

More to come...

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  1. You two seem very well prepared.

  2. you guys must be dying to start using it all! i sure hope you're able to soon!


  3. Great packing list!
    Are you actually taking any malarial medications? I took malarial meds for two years while i was living abroad and was very happy that I never got any malaria. I'd get good bug repellent that you can use every day (using stuff with deet in it isn't recommended for every day use) because dengue mosquitos come out during they day and tend to bite your ankles and malaria mosquitos come out at dusk and all night. I got dengue and it was NOT fun. Mosquito nets are great because they keep out mosquitos and many other unwanted creatures - like scorpions and spiders. Ok - I'll stop giving suggestions. I'm sure you already know everything you need to know!
    Hope your feeling better!

  4. Despite the goofy "especially for the traveller" packaging, I would be nervous about carrying a syringe across various borders.

    Not that I expect you guys to be transporting smack all over the world or anything, I would just be concerned that some non-English speaking/reading border guard somewhere might see that in an x-ray machine and flip out.

  5. A few little things that always come in handy while travelling: clothespins, safety pins, string, carabiners, a samll lock for hostels and trains for your packs... Also- I love to use a small stuff sack (the thing your sleeping bag is in) stuffed with whatever as a pillow when backpacking!

    I could really go on and on!

  6. Kudos to you guys for being so prepared! I'd never have thought of even half those things.

  7. Anonymous18.11.09

    Since you'll use it when it's [getting] dark, you won't be able to see what color it is anyway! Perfect!

  8. Anonymous18.11.09

    PS... that was regarding the headlamp!

  9. all this stuff really really really makes me want to take a backpacking trip!!!!!

  10. so prepared. i remember packing for my backpacking trip around europe. although mosquito nets were not needed that towel sure would have come in handy.

  11. I love MEC! I could spend hours looking around and playing with everything. I have the same tacky headlamp and it is fantastic. The bright colours also makes it easier to find in your bad when you have been unexpectedly plunged into darkness. To be perfectly honest no matter what your headlamp looks like you will look like a fool.

  12. "In the end, we decided that lugging around one of these beats getting malaria."

    Hahaha love it! So true.

    You're almost on your way! Can't wait to keep up on all your travels :) Glad to hear you're feeling better.

  13. Awesome gear - you guys seem all ready to go!

    And most things beat malaria, but it's good of you to note. ;)

    Safe travels, guys!

  14. REI must be really happy you guys are traveling with all the backpacking stuff you've purchased! its so exciting to follow your guys trip, hopefully you never have to use that syringe...

  15. how exciting! My first time on your blog and I am intrigued..keep up the posts!

  16. Buying the gear is one of the highlight of traveling, in my opinion! I could have used one of those towls (what's with the spelling?) this summer, though.

  17. ohhhhhh!
    its so exciting.
    can't wait to see and hear from your adventures.
    happy to hear you almost back to full strength.