yard sale


Purging all our belongings is proving to be much more of a daunting task than we expected. This blog seems so materialistic - we are hoping to completely change that tone once we start traveling - so please bear with us. At the end of our recent yard sale, I felt like we had as many things as we started with. Despite the fact that we had made a decent amount of money, we took a lot of 'stuff' back in.

Where did these things come from? I am cursing myself for all of the unnecessary purchases I have made over the years. I am making a vow to myself, when we return, I will not buy that shirt because it's on sale (and never wear it) or that 'too-big' skirt that I can alter (I can't sew) or anything that I don't absolutely need. We'll see how that goes.  - Mina

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  1. When I moved back to Sweden after my leave of absence, I brought down an insane amount of clothing from the attic. I'm talking t-shirts that date back to high school. It was completely ridiculous. I couldn't fit everything back in my closets! Now I don't buy anything I don't love. It's my new rule. It saves money, it's better for the environment and it just makes sense.

  2. Your so right... it's difficult not to buy something that's nice and a bargain though, but if you don't need it then I do try not to buy it!

    Is Queen Elizabeth on your notes? I didn't know that!

    Will you do another yard sale or maybe try to sell the rest on ebay?

    Travelling will be so liberating :)

    Saskia xx

  3. Brilliant ideas on not buying so much. I could definitely use some advice...there are a million places to spend money here in Boston, and I want to explore them all ;)

  4. cheers for you two!

    i still have dresses in my closet with tags on it because i HAD to have it at that momement... or I will buy something a size slightly too uncomfortable because "i'm going to lose the weight."

    never happens. :)

    man i wish i could have gone to your yard sale! but you have inspired me to think twice about frivolous purchases...

    happy friday!

  5. For some reason clothes and books are terribly hard for me to get rid of... I totally feel your pain tho.

    On a side note, I just found your blog and it is neat! Can't wait to see where you head to :)

  6. Do not ever worry about your blog seeming too materialistic. If anything its is great to hear about having to deal with stuff. It is a reality check for anyone who is planning to do what you are doing. Most of us have never really thought about the things like getting rid of all the junk we have accumulated over the years.

  7. i buy bargains all the time

  8. Good luck with sorting out all your belongings and good luck with your travels, I will follow your blog to see what you get up to.

  9. I totally agree with wanting to shed the "work and spend" way of life! I am attempting to do that now too and it helps to know I am not alone!

  10. feels good to get rid of the stuff,doesn't it?