should it stay or should it go? part deux.


Thanks to everyone for the helpful suggestions regarding our previous post about our wii, bikes, and macbook. We are still torn about the bikes, but the other two are definitely 'going'. While we agree with some of the comments that the easiest thing would be to get rid of absolutely everything,  that's easier said than done - especially when it's not your stuff! We have both accumulated some things that are very precious to us andwould really hate to part. We love our drums. Even though the guitar is cheap and old and kind of broken, it has some sentimental value and it's hard to let go.

Well, those are some things we just have to put into storage. Now, here are some more things we're not sure about.

1) our car. (2006 honda civic)

We're fortunate enough to never have had a loan or a lease on this thing, which is why we don't want to sell it. However, even if we were to lend it to someone, cars depreciate incredibly quickly and it may be a better idea to recoup what we can now and at least earn some interest on it in the bank.

2) the iPod(s)

Clearly we have some sort of apple obsession. We are torn about the iPods. I use the shuffle while run ning and won't get rid of it. Alex likes the touch and it is the best one to keep out of the four. So that leaves the video and the nano. They're small - maybe we should just bring them along to have extra movies/music/battery life? Do you think it would just be more of a hassle to have them? We find taking the extra ones on short trips have come in handy, but all around the world...we're not so sure.

We can't wait to hear your thoughts. There's only a month and a half until our projected date for starting our trip. So much to do in so little time.


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  1. The video iPod, I'd say sell it but keep the Nano for backup.

    As for the car since the loan is paid off it's a good investment. Perhaps you can lease it to a friend for cheap?

  2. id totally sell the car! but if you sell the car, you should keep the bikes, so when you get back, you have soooome sort of ride. and i think you should bring your ipods! if times get tight, sell one abroad!

  3. thats so cool! i cant play any instrument. lame haha

  4. I'd sell the car now and keep that moolah in the bank earning some interest, then when you get back you can buy a new car with that money. OR if you happen to need that money for an emergency then you have it! The car wont be worth nearly as much when you get back as it is now.

    ipods don't take up much space, so I dont see anything wrong with having them all...And yes you can always sell them while traveling if you want.


  5. i totally admire you throwing out what's not needed, i need some discipline like this.
    i like the idea of having a backup but then again you can just buy an extra charger for your car. good luck!

  6. I think that four ipods is a bit excessive!! But it would surely be handed to watch vids on the video one. I think that the nano is reduntant if you don't want to give up the shuffle.

    As for the car - sell it! I kept mine and left it with my parents to use...and then my parents have had to fix various things that have broken/flat tire, etc over the past year- what a headache, wish I had just sold it.

    Hope that helps can't wait to read about your journey!

  7. Just saw your feature on Lost Girls! :) We have an Apple Obsession too. I wouldn't bring all of the ipods. Take one and leave the rest at home and if one gets stolen, then you know you have a backup.

  8. Yep, I'd sell the car! I sold my Corolla before I left on my year RTW (even though it was paid off) because the depreciation, insurance & storage wasn't worth it for 1 year), my calculation also including the extra interest the money would be earning, but that was last year when savings rates were great! :| And like Toyotas, Hondas have good resell value!

    Good luck!

  9. such a great blog you have here! Thanks for stopping by!

  10. sell the car! and use the money for the trip. maybe when you get back you'll move to a city where you don't need a car!

    maybe keep one of the extra ipods. the shuffle is so little doesn't hold as many songs and with an extra, you'll have backup.

  11. I think you might want the ipods- They'll be handy in passing long bus, boat and train rides...

  12. thanks! you know, i was just telling someone about your blog today and how insanely jealous i was that you got to pack up and go on a trip around the world. i think its very brave to just sell all your belongings like that and just leave, so adventurous! i wish i had some advice to give you on your objects but i think the only thing i have to share is keep the ipods. i carry two almost all the times just in case the batteries die or i want to switch content. i dont find its much of a burden. thanks for following my blog!

  13. I vote to sell the car!! The value will depriciate while you're away... get the most out of it now!

    I'm not sure about the ipods... keep them for now as they won't take up much room at all in your backpacks! You can always change your mind :)

    Saskia xx

    PS thanks for your comment & for following me! I think you're both so amazing for doing what most of us only dream of and don't have the gumption to actually do :) x

  14. Thanks for stopping by me blog. I can't wait to follow your journey around the world. I'd say take the nano (its so small!) and the touch so that both of you can listen to things while you are waiting for long flights or trains.

  15. thanks for visiting my blog... look forward to hearing about your journey! and yes, sell the car if you can.

  16. i realy love your blog, it's very cool =)

  17. Great blog! ;) I would say sell the car, make some extra money for your travels and the the two you want & maybe the nano (it's smaller) and sell the other one for some extra money as well. Easier said than done - huh?! Good luck! ;)

  18. The i-pods barely take up any room. Keep them.

  19. i am bringing three suitcases with me to the virgin islands (i move in 2 days!) so i definitely understand how hard it is to distinguish between what you want and what you need...

  20. What?!? These are awesome!! I love the one of Mina especially. You guys are cool.