picasso museum


Alex, outside Museo Picasso Málaga

Pablo Picasso was born in Malaga, so it makes sense that a museum dedicated to his work was built there. Although he didn't return to his birthplace since he left (at the age of 19), you can find tributes to the artist all over the city. Located in the Buenavista Palace, the 16th century Renaissance building is apparently very typical of the architecture of the period and it's stunning. Photography wasn't permitted, but you can see photos of it here.

In addition to well over 100 works by Picasso himself, there were plenty of other exhibitions that we spent hours looking at. When we were researching places to visit, some websites suggested that Malaga didn't have a lot to offer. We would disagree and this museum was definitely one of the highlights.

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  1. Sounds amazing! I love visiting art museums. I just read a bbc news article this morning about a picasso painting that was auctioned off.

  2. Aww. I love Picasso. There was an exhibition in the Seattle Art Museum I have been to. It was just great.

  3. Anonymous9.2.11

    I really like Alex's outfits. Where does he get them?

  4. these are the kinds of places i love, seeing his works of art in his home town is perfect.
    this photo has a very relaxed vibe, like it

  5. Sounds like a wonderful place to visit. Too bad you can't take photos of the Picasso and other exhibits there. I'm sure it's a great experience to see them up close, though. So, sending some postcards? :)

  6. Anonymous - I think his shirt is from Uniqlo, he loves that place. I'm pretty sure he got the sweater from the Gap.

    anita - Thank you.

    Mina | Postcard Designs - Always.

  7. Would have loved to have seen pics of inside the museum! Guess I just gotta get myself there one day ;-)

  8. Anonymous10.2.11

    oh what an inspirational museum to visit! that sounds incredible :)

  9. i can't imagine how amazing it is inside there. one of my favorite quotes is "love is the greatest refreshment in life" by picasso.

    ps. congrats on settling down after an amazing tour of the world! also... since this is the sunday before valentines day, i thought i'd share my favorite blog couple on my little blog's sunday feature. :) hope you don't mind!